Why Use Bespoke Paper Bags for Jewellery?

Jewellery is too precious to be carried loose – whenever you sell an item of jewellery, you’ll need to provide a bag for the customer. Plenty of smaller jewellery shops make do with generic, off-the-rack bags. Here are just a few reasons why more jewellery companies are opting for bespoke paper bags instead.

Touch of Luxury

Even if the jewellery you’re selling isn’t worth hundreds of thousands, it should always feel like a premium product to your customers. Using a generic bag instead of a bespoke bag does not provide the impression of a premium product. Instead, choose a thicker paper, ribbon or rope handles, and tasteful design to create a bag that reflects the quality of your jewellery.

Perfectly Sized

Getting the right sized bags for jewellery can be tricky. Even boxed, items are almost always rather small, so they’ll tend to get lost in larger bags. At the same time, their expense demands a bag large and thick enough to feel secure. The ideal solution to this conundrum is the bespoke bag. You’ll be able to select from a range of standard sizes – if none of them suit, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to dictate your own measurements.

Opportunity for Branding

As a business owner, you should exploit every opportunity for branding. Unless you’re extremely well-known, you probably won’t be able to add your name to the jewellery itself. However, you can print your name on a bespoke bag. That bag will then act as a miniature billboard, advertising your business to everyone who notices it.

Gift-Like Packaging

Plenty of people are going to buy your jewellery for themselves, but there’s no denying that jewellery is also one of the most common gift ideas. You should take advantage by offering branded bags. With your company name tastefully printed on a bag made from premium materials, the final product will look attractive enough to give without any need for further packaging. Your customers will appreciate those touches, and they’ll be more likely to keep the jewellery in its bag, exposing your branding to more people in the process.