How to Still Look Festival-Ready in the Winter

Winter is on the horizon, but that won’t prevent anyone from attending their favorite concerts! Unfortunately, festival season is over – the joyous weekends spent enjoying our favorite music in the summer sun wearing cropped tops, tanks, tees, shorts, and flip flops. Now we’re stuck waiting in line for venues, already a miserable experience, made even worse by the colder weather, the freezing winds, and the horrible ice rain, or worse, snow! So how do you still look chic and stay warm? Simple! Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Your Family

Every parent lives in fear of putting their children in danger. While having kids comes with its fair share of close calls, there are several ways you can make your home a safer place for children. It can be more than simply hanging up drape cords and putting knives away. Safety for kids can mean more than simple physical dangers and also encompass internal illnesses. Included here are a few ways to make your home safer for your kids. Continue reading


healthy reading
Everywhere you look, it’s all about healthy food choices. Courgetti over pasta, no sugar diets – fast food is out and over the past few months consumers are turning towards the green and the wholesome. This has been an ongoing shift over the last few years, a more health conscious community who want to educate themselves in regards to what they eat. What really is healthy food and what is the best thing I can eat to fuel my body? Am I really making the most sensible choices I can?

5 ways to improve your self-confidence

When it comes to building self-confidence, perception is everything. The way you view yourself has a huge impact on how others will ultimately perceive you. It is also well documented that having confidence in yourself and your abilities can greatly enhance your quality of life. Continue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet

Like most people, I started working out because I wanted to look better and feel better about myself. 

I was 16, had just spent four years with braces, had plenty of acne, and recently got cut from the basketball team. Let’s just say I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, and my confidence was certainly lacking. Continue reading

Great Tips For Picking The Right Dress

2015 is hotting up to be an exciting year in fashion. Now that we all have a little more cash in our pockets, the clothing stores seem to be rewarding us. There are some gorgeous fashion ideas, great cuts, and even better prints than ever before. Whatever your style, the high streets and malls of the world have never been more full of great bargains for us all to look really great this year. Let’s hope the weather keeps up with it!

Continue reading

Why Exercise is the Least Important Part of the Equation

“But Steve, I don’t like to exercise.”

I sat down with a friend recently who had decided he wanted to lose weight, but struggled with getting started. He explained why: the idea of exercise was absolutely miserable to him – he had visions of running on a treadmill for hours, or going into a sweaty gym and feeling incredibly uncomfortable around people who were already in shape. Continue reading