About Me (Pink Onion!?)

About My Blog

If you’re a slave to fashion and beauty, you’ve DEFINITELY come to the right place!

Pink Onion is my little tribute to the world of clothes, make-up, shoes and accessories;

Why Pink?

It’s my favourite colour. And come on; far be it for me to obey and advocate gender stereotypes, but pink does work perfectly on a beauty blog!

Why an Onion?

Because I may be a lover of fashion and celeb gossip, and all thinks shiny and pretty, but I do have other levels, hidden depths, LAYERS, etc, etc!

I though it was a pretty ingenious name lol!

All About Me

My name’s Kate (Catherine, but come on! Eugh!)

I guess I’m a ‘girly-girl’, if we are looking for stereotypes. I like clothes and getting all glammed up. I LOVE how clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up etc can reveal so much about your personality, or your mood on any given day.

I couldn't live without my clothes...

I couldn’t live without my clothes…

I’m the manager of a women’s clothing GIANT (but I can’t say who on here…company policy, yada, yada, YAWN!) which means I’m kind of living my dream. (Well, my actual dream would have been to be a catwalk model, but at 5’1″ that was NEVER going to happen, so fab discounts and having the edge on what’s HOT season-to-season is the next best thing.

Or my shoes...

Or my shoes…

So What’s My Blog About?

Well, in a nutshell, fashion, beauty, make-up, shoes, jewellery, accessories, health and fitness…it’d dedicated to everything that goes into Your Look and what I think makes us ladies feel great! :o)

Or my make-up!

Or my make-up!

I’m going to be writing about MY fashion tips (heed them or don’t, I won’t be offended!), reviews of beauty products I love (and hate), offer advice on how to budget to benefit your wardrobe (LOADS of experience here; I’m on the bones of my a*** the last few days before payday every month!), health and fitness ideas, celeb goss…basically, everything I LOVE to read/talk about.

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