Our amazing style tips for curvy girls

While it’s true that plus-size fashion may finally be getting the recognition it deserves, many of us with curvier frames are still struggling to find clothing that makes us look and feel good. That’s why we’ve compiled some expert tips to help you up your style game. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate love and the special people around us whom we hold dear. One way we can show our loved ones how much we appreciate them is by giving them gifts—for Valentine’s Day, flowers and chocolate are the most common. But this year, why not show them how much you care for them by giving them something that will make them look and feel good? Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special men in your life—whether he is your boyfriend, husband, dad, or grown up son, he will surely appreciate these feel-good gifts. Continue reading

Getting the Kids Active

As modern society progresses, it seems that more and more, people are taking up a more sedentary lifestyle. Hours upon hours sat in front of a screen, whether that be your phone, tablet or TV, so much time is spent sat down without much movement.

It becomes a greater concern when children of sedentary parents take on the habits of their mothers and fathers and themselves become used to a way of life sat in front of the TV.

There are plenty of things you can do to be more active, even as a busy mother. It can also be beneficial for your own health, as us girls are probably all aware of, as we get older, gravity becomes our enemy and certain parts of our bodies begin to droop.

Exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just one of the ways we can prevent boob sag and keep all our parts in check and looking perky. Getting active with kids is a great way to do this, but we need to place protection on our breasts to ensure exercising doesn’t have the opposite effect that we want. A good sports bra or shelf bra can help aid this while we’re running around with our children and getting them active. If you’re interested in one yourself, follow this link. 

Here are just a few simple changes to make to help get your kids active:

Walk to School

If you’re within a three mile radius of your kids’ school, it’s time to ditch the car and start the day with a brisk walk. Getting everything prepared the night before so you can just eat breakfast and get on your way is the most efficient way to ensure you’re not running around like a headless chicken to get there on time.

A three mile walk shouldn’t take you more than an hour if you quit any messing around. Power-walking can get you there quicker, while raising your heart rate slightly and getting in some extra steps.

Join a Family Sports Club

The most fun way to get active is to engage in a new hobby together, if you’re wanting to get active, a sports club or activity is the perfect way to spend time together and get moving while you do so.

Joining an adult-child mixed sports team can help to get active while having fun and bonding. Or take your kid/s to a tennis or basketball court for some one on one activity.

Make it a Challenge

Most smartphones these days have step counters, or a cheap activity tracker can be bought to measure steps and activity. Set your family challenges to compete with each other for the most steps walked or the most active minutes.

Have a little prize on hand every week to award to the ‘winner’ and turn getting active into a little competition. Remember to keep it fun and don’t get too caught up in who the actual winner is. Everyone’s a winner when everyone is getting active and improving their lives.

Whatever you decide to do to get active, make sure everyone stays safe and you’ll begin to see the improvements in your health very quickly!