5 common mistakes made by mobile hairdressers

Being a hairdresser can be highly rewarding as, ultimately, you have the power to make your clients feel good about themselves whilst affording them a newfound confidence. Making yourself mobile can be additionally rewarding as it allows you to be able to travel to clients. Clients tend to opt for a mobile hairdresser due to the convenience, it may be that they suffer from mobility issues, they have young children or they’re simply rushed off their feet with a tight workload. Continue reading

The Process For Having Your Hair Replaced

Having your hair replaced can feel like a big step, but you are going to be assisted right throughout the procedure. The best companies have treated thousands of women with a range of complex hair issues. You are going to be seen by qualified professionals who have your best interests at heart. Continue reading

3 Tips for Caring For Your Hair Extensions

While hair extensions can be beautiful and make your hair look amazing, if not properly taken care of, hair extensions can make your whole head of hair look like an absolute mess. So if you’re going to make the investment to get hair extensions, you’re going to want to ensure that you know how to care for them and keep them looking good. Because there are different types of hair extensions, some of the rules will vary. However, in general, the following tips will work for more than just one type of hair extension. So to help you have the best hair possible, here are three tips for caring for your hair extensions. Continue reading

Proactively Dealing with Hair Loss

Naturally, we tend to shed a bit of hair as a natural part of cell regeneration. Some of us shed much more than others though, but once you start realizing that you’re shedding unusual volumes of your hair, it’s immediately time to put into place some proactive measures to deal with your hair loss. It could be a temporary issue due to factors such as a poor diet, stress or anything else of that sort, but you do not want to leave it until it’s late to start taking action. Yes, the costs of a hair transplant procedure and its associated treatments are much more affordable now, but it will help your cause better if you take more of a damage-limitation approach, rather than a complete re-construction one. Continue reading

Bonding with Your Other Half through Mutual Grooming


When it comes to the delicate process of crafting a bond with your significant other, it’s always best to let things flow naturally, most of the time at least. Anything that feels too forced is indeed nature’s way of letting you know that you should ease-up a bit, but you can get even more solid guidance from Mother Nature by fully embracing your inner animalistic instincts which have undoubtedly survived the various stages of our evolution.

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Hair Extensions


If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, you’ve probably done enough research to know which kind you want. But what you might not have thought about is just what it takes to properly maintain your hair extensions in order for them to look just as good on day 60 as they did on day one. So for those who aren’t sure exactly how to maintain their hair extensions or what good hair extension maintenance entails, here are three tips for keeping your hair extensions looking good every day.

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