Ways You Can Make An Income From Your Couch

You don’t always have to have a college degree, or run of the mill job to make money. Everybody pushes education from a young age saying that you need to have good grades through high school to make into a good college. If you make it into a good college, you’ll have a career that will make you far more money than another job without a college degree ever could.

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Hair Extensions


If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, you’ve probably done enough research to know which kind you want. But what you might not have thought about is just what it takes to properly maintain your hair extensions in order for them to look just as good on day 60 as they did on day one. So for those who aren’t sure exactly how to maintain their hair extensions or what good hair extension maintenance entails, here are three tips for keeping your hair extensions looking good every day.

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Dressing the Part for Horse Racing Events in 2016


There are many exciting events that are set to take place in 2016 and one type of event that is certain to prove popular with both men and women is horse racing. Horse races are always well attended and provide a traditional and exciting form of entertainment for people of all ages. There are various meets and races already in place for the coming year so racing fans have plenty to look forward to. Continue reading

Pampering your Pals – 5 Great Spa related gifts to give the Bride-to-Be

A wedding is a massive thing to organise, particularly if you want to get all the guests sorted, you have to pick the dress out yourself, you want the perfect venue, the list goes on. At times it can be an extremely taxing and stressful experience, even if you’re really excited about getting married and want it to be just perfect. Whether you have a close friend or a relative who is a bride-to-be, one great way of getting her a good gift to help her relax is to give her something spa related. Continue reading