Our amazing style tips for curvy girls

While it’s true that plus-size fashion may finally be getting the recognition it deserves, many of us with curvier frames are still struggling to find clothing that makes us look and feel good. That’s why we’ve compiled some expert tips to help you up your style game.

Know how to accentuate your curves

Instead of hiding your curves under baggy materials, take time to understand what suits you best and how to accentuate them in all the right places. For instance, womens plus size coats can hit your waistline in the right places to accentuate where it matters the most.

Find jeans that complement your shape

Dark wash jeans in skinny or bootcut styles tend to look the best on curves. You might have spent years avoiding skinny jeans like the plague but, in fact, they can actually help to elongate your legs. Bootcut jeans, on the other hand, will make your thighs appear smaller.

Invest in good underwear

Take a lesson from some of the world’s most famous plus-size models, Ashley Graham for example, and invest in some good quality undergarments. Trust us; you’ll be surprised at just how much this will change the way you feel. The right underwear will help you achieve the right foundation to pull off anything that you want to wear.

Understand your fabrics

Regardless of your size, some fabrics are just plain difficult to work with. Fabrics such as silk and velvet tend to cling to your skin more than thicker fabrics like cotton, and this might not be what you’re looking for if you want to take the attention away from certain parts of your body.

Befriend a professional tailor

We can’t stress enough how much of an effect tailoring can have on your clothing. It can be the difference between your outfit looking oversized and sloppy to something that will be perfectly put together.

Embrace a wide belt

If you don’t have the time (or the money) to have your clothes professionally tailored, add a wide belt to your wardrobe. This will hide any extra fabric that might be making your outfit unflattering. Alternatively, a structured blazer will also be able to do the same thing.

Knee-high? Try thigh high

To elongate your legs, invest in a pair of knee high or thigh high boots. You’ll get extra style points here too because this type of footwear is bang on trend right now. If you’re not feeling brave enough for boots, perhaps try a pair of tights that mimic the style.

Forget the rules

Life is far too short to spend time abiding by the rules of fashion. After all, you should wear what makes you happy – bold prints, horizontal stripes, sheer materials – it’s time to forget everything that you’ve been told: “won’t suit you.” Sites such as Ashleigh Plus Size work with this in mind, offering a wide range of clothes that will suit any style.