Ways Your Habit of Getting Ready in the Car is Putting You At Risk


Though men might have a tendency to get ready in the car, there is no doubt that it’s a practice that is adopted primarily by the female race. Men don’t have an extensive beauty routine like women do. If they’re running late, it doesn’t really matter because they can literally roll out of bed, throw on some clothes and be on their way. The only thing they have to worry about is their hair-which to be fair is one thing they might have a habit of doing in the car on the way to work, who knows? Continue reading

Tips For Finding Fashion With A Purpose


When it comes to fashion, the clothing you wear always serves a purpose. It’s clothing, it covers you. Maybe it helps you get a job, maybe it helps you win a pageant. However, these days it seems like clothing is taking on more jobs than just keeping you covered. Continue reading

The Perfect Body – Reality or Fantasy?


Adding “the” in front of “perfect body” is perhaps were the problem lies in that it sort of limits us to thinking that there is just one type of body which is okay and everything else just doesn’t quite measure up. I should perhaps have phrased the title of this post as YOUR Perfect Body because once you look at it that way, the correct way (I feel), then you’ll realise that it is indeed a very tangible reality as opposed to the fantasy getting the perfect body currently is. Continue reading

What’s on my summer wish list


It’s summer once more! And you know what that means… a summer wish list is called for. I love so many of the trends that are on the high street at the minute, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you, so I thought I’d put together a quick blog post with my favourites. Continue reading

Are You Walking Enough?

Between the mandatory trips to work, the defeated walks up a flight of stairs on the back the knowledge that the elevator is out of order, and having the ability to order anything and have it delivered to your door, the short answer is probably “NO!” You’re probably not walking enough. I personally realised just how far behind I probably am on the 115,000 miles we’re recommended to cover by the time we reach the end of our lives, which can be broken down into a mere 10,000 steps per day. Justifiably, we all probably have a million and one reasons for not hitting our daily recommended feet-exercising quota, but any thoughts thereof naturally spark a deeper look into the overall health of your feet. Continue reading