Ethical Footwear

Ethical Footwear is the latest style on the block, and its cutting edge technology, cutting-edge materials and high-performance styles are drawing rave reviews from consumers everywhere. The UGG sheepskin boots and chunky wool knit shoes that are sold at Ethical Footwear stores are all part of this latest fashion trend. This brand has also incorporated cutting-edge technology into their shoe-making process, which results in some amazing styles and looks. When it comes to fashion trends, you never really know what’s next; however, this latest style from Ethical Footwear is an excellent choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few things about this cutting-edge shoe style to see if it’s right for you:

* With Ethical Footwear, you get a pair of vegan friendly, Fair Trade shoes that have been crafted in countries like Nicaragua and China where labor conditions are poor. These eco-friendly shoes are made up of natural materials that are not only affordable, but come with the same high quality and style as other ethically made shoes. For example, the sharing heel in the “W” collection by Ethical Footwear has been crafted using the best shearling available. Other materials used in the making of these shoes include hemp, recycled rubber and suede.

* Made with the highest quality wool available, the “W” collection from Ethical Footwear is extremely popular among many consumers, especially those who care about animals. Each “W” model in the “W” series has a signature sheepskin heel and rubber sole, offering great comfort and maximum durability. Most models in the “W” series come in either black or green. Both colors offer a stylish, contemporary look that is very appealing to most consumers. One thing that is especially appealing is that each pair of “W” boots and sandals have been created in the U.S. by hand, using ethical and responsible harvesting methods. Therefore, each pair in the “W” series supports animal conservation and sustainable development.

* The Ethical Footwear “Golf and Chill” line offers both comfort and style in a range of men’s and women’s styles. Made in Portugal, the “Golf and Chill” collection by Ethical Footwear use premium nae wood sourced from South America. The soft nae wood used creates a unique look and feel for the footwear. The stoneware footwear is made using a patented process wherein the raw materials are fused together using a fractional laser, creating a highly durable product. The “Golf and Chill” are constructed of high quality nae that is harvested in the Amazon by local villagers and then exported to Portugal. Each pair in the “Golf and Chill” collection comes in either red or green.

* The Ethical Footwear factory in Los Angeles, CA, that makes all of their shoes uses a Fair Trade Certification. This means that this factory not only pays close attention to the ethical and social responsibility of the products that they make, they also pay their workers fair wages and provide them with ample time off. The company is made up of three groups of women who each have a specific area of expertise: the Designers, the Manufacturers and the Customer Service Representatives. The Designers are responsible for the ideas that are behind the Ethical Footwear brand, while the Manufacturers are responsible for sourcing out the raw materials and sewing the products together. Finally, the Customer Service Representatives are in charge of actually providing the customers with answers to their questions, whether it’s about sizing, color options or what kind of heel you should get.

Many of the Ethical Footwear pairs also come in either vegan or eco-friendly t-shirts, leggings and socks, as well as rain boots. This brand encourages consumers to purchase Ethical Footwear “T-Shirts, T-Socks and Beanies” in order to make a positive stand with environmentalism. While many other brands may use animal leather or other uncomfortable materials, Nisolo has found an ally in Nubuck and Cotton. “Cotton and Nubuck provide unique properties that go beyond durability,” says Jessica Rose, Nisolo communications manager. “They provide comfort and softness while also providing excellent breathability.” Nisolo is also one of few companies to partner with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and is one of twenty members of the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”. While Nisolo is not a company that promotes the environmentally or socially conscious consumer, they do want you to feel good about what you’re buying.

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