The Perfect Body – Reality or Fantasy?

Adding “the” in front of “perfect body” is perhaps were the problem lies in that it sort of limits us to thinking that there is just one type of body which is okay and everything else just doesn’t quite measure up. I should perhaps have phrased the title of this post as YOUR Perfect Body because once you look at it that way, the correct way (I feel), then you’ll realise that it is indeed a very tangible reality as opposed to the fantasy getting the perfect body currently is.


I’ll turn to some Google search results to drive my point home, particularly those searches relating to the UK’s most popular fitness questions.

Rather worryingly, “How to Lose Weight Fast” remains the highest online query, with 40,500 average monthly searches that amount to 486,600 searches per year. It’s a bit encouraging that the second most common question with regards to losing weight is “Best Way to Lose Weight”, as this demonstrates a little bit more of an insightful and realistic view on weight matters. It’s certainly a much healthier approach with the numbers around this search phrase hitting an average of 14,800 per month and subsequently 177,600 per year.

“How to Get a Six Pack,” with 12,100 average monthly searches (145,200 per year) is neither here nor there for me with regards to our collective view of what the perfect body is. I say this because again, while it’s good for the lads especially to aspire to having a neat set of highly defined abs, searching specifically for how to get a six pack spills back over into it being more of a fantasy than anything else. People’s abdominal muscles are developed differently and someone with a neat set of highly defined abdominal muscles doesn’t necessarily have six of them protruding from their abdomen. Nevertheless, this is still way more encouraging than those searches related to losing weight fast.

The phrase “How to Have a Beautiful Face” is widely searched because many people aspire to enhance their facial appearance. Common approaches include cosmetic treatments like fillers, Botox, and lip enhancement. Notably, improving teeth is a significant aspect of achieving a pleasing face and smile. In recent times, many clinics have been offering cosmetic dentistry petaluma ca, and in other locations, which often include treatments like veneers and teeth whitening as primary options. These skin and teeth procedures enhance various facial features, including lips, eyes, nose, and teeth, contributing to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Furthermore, maintaining healthy skin through proper skin care practices and adopting a balanced diet also plays a crucial role in achieving a beautiful face.

Things get really interesting as one delves deeper into the search terms however, with search phrases such as How to Get Bigger Arms (1,900 average monthly searches and 22,800 per year) naturally followed by more detailed searches, such as those of supplements like whey protein shakes – something which would be relevant to someone looking to build muscle.

It gets even more interesting when one looks at the most popular fitness related search phrases a little differently, associating these searches regionally. Followed by Newcastle upon Tyne and Cardiff, it appears as if Nazeing is the city with the people most obsessed with muscles, while Newcastle upon Tyne leads the way with people seeking to lose weight.

What all of this leads to is my conclusion that it is indeed possible to get the perfect body, but it’s YOUR perfect body. Your perfect body is a fit and healthy body whose performance and functionality has been optimised through your health and fitness efforts, taking the form of your lifestyle choices, your approach to your diet and nutrition, and how much time you put into honouring an exercise regime.

It would be unrealistic for someone who is 5foot-5 to weigh the same as someone who’s 6foot-2 for instance, with the same sized muscles and claim to be of the same optimal health. The perfect body is one which is perfect for you.