Tips For Finding Fashion With A Purpose

When it comes to fashion, the clothing you wear always serves a purpose. It’s clothing, it covers you. Maybe it helps you get a job, maybe it helps you win a pageant. However, these days it seems like clothing is taking on more jobs than just keeping you covered.


While there are different types of clothing made for different things that you might do on a daily basis, like workout clothes and business clothes, there are particular pieces of clothing that have special duties that you might not have thought about, or you might take for granted.

Clothing That Offers Support

If you exercise a lot, or you are a runner, you may have heard of compression socks, and other compression clothing. If you want to help keep your legs, feet, and ankles secure and have less pain after your workouts, these socks can help.

Of course, for women, there are bras that offer support. What kind of support you need may depend on your activity and your bra size. For smaller chested women, sports bras a great during a working, but women with larger cup sizes may find they don’t offer enough support.

Cooling Clothing

Speaking of bras; some companies are coming out with bras that are cooling during the hot summer months. These are perfect for wearing on workouts, on walks, or just when it’s too hot outside. You can find this cooking technology in pretty much any bra size.

You can also buy workout clothing that has wicking properties. This means it wicks away the sweat, keeping you cooler and dryer. Bamboo is one of the great ingredients in clothing that can do this trick.

Clothing That Advertises

One other big purpose that clothing offers, and has for decades, is being a way to advertise. From concert t-shirts to work shirts with logos on them, clothing has been used successfully to advertise nearly everything. If you walk through a business expo it’s pretty likely you’ll see a lot of free t-shirts advertising the businesses that are represented.

Whether you simply like to advertise the things that you like by wearing t-shirts from your favorite bands and companies, or you have your own band or company you want to advertise, clothing is an excellent way to get your business name out there. And, people always love to buy new clothing!

There are likely many other ways in which clothing serves an alternate purpose to just clothing your body. But these are three common ways that you may not have thought about. People wear padded underwear to make their butts bigger, padded bras to make their breasts bigger, and slimming slips and tops to help give them smooth lines and hide any cellulite they may have. It’s just what people do with clothing.