What’s on my summer wish list

It’s summer once more! And you know what that means… a summer wish list is called for. I love so many of the trends that are on the high street at the minute, and I couldn’t wait to share them with you, so I thought I’d put together a quick blog post with my favourites.


Beach bag with a statement

We’ve all heard of statement handbags, but what about a beach bag that makes its own statement to the passing crowds? I am loving the over-sized beach bags in all the shops that have some fantastic styles and phrases on them. For something really different, why not check out the selection on Not On The Highstreet? They have all manner of shapes, sizes and colours to make your time on the beach that little bit more stylish.

Brighten up with a satchel

People are really getting into satchels, but I’m leaning more towards the bolder and brighter styles that are around right now. The florescent pinks and yellows are ideal for a stand-out look at a festival, while the baby blues, pastel greens and lush pinks add a touch of high-class to any garden party you’re invited to this summer.

Cropped is the way forward

Cropped clothing is definitely making an appearance in my wardrobe. There are some stunning crop-tops around; from a simple lace, gypsy style with an off-the-shoulder-cut, to the tailored sweetheart neckline, you can’t go wrong. Plus, to really highlight it, why not pair it with some high-waisted jeans, cropped above the ankle to show off a pair of wedges?

Tutti fruity

How many novelty bags, earrings, purses and necklaces are in the shops right now? And they all focus on fruit! This has become a guilty pleasure of mine, as some of them, despite being a bit of fun, are actually beautifully made. Check out this awesome grapefruit bag and cool watermelon clutch, as well as plenty of other cool purses.

Always layer up

No matter what the outfit, you could always use another layer – that’s what I’ve gathered from this summer’s fashion. Whether it’s a plain black top spiced up by layering necklaces of different styles and textures together, or a white bodysuit with a blush pink waistcoat over the top for a posh summer barbeque, always layer up! For me, I prefer to layer bracelets with different stones and charms to make a really unique fashion statement.

Go unique

Speaking of unique, have you thought about the kinds of jewellery you’ve been buying? Are they just standard costume pieces that can be picked up anywhere? Thankfully, there’s some beautiful handmade jewellery on the market that’s high quality as well as affordable. From delicate chains to complement evening gowns from the Luna Soul collection, or boho charm bracelets to celebrate your inner hippie, ChloBo will have the right piece for you.

What’s on your summer wish list this year? Don’t be shy – leave a comment and let me know.