Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Safe? Your Questions Answered

Is it a safe method?

Laser hair removal, if done by certified personnel, and with a medical follow-up, is completely safe, and extremely effective. However, those who are a bit skeptical about this method, are often known to choose Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C) full body hair removal treatment. This treatment is known to reduce and remove hair by weakening the regenerative ability of the hair through the collaborative use of gels and light to gradually produce thinner and less visible hair. Anyway, the choice depends on the taste of individuals. While some prefer laser treatments, others tend to choose S.S.C treatments.

For what areas is Laser especially recommended?

For all. There is no type of area for which laser hair removal is not recommended. It can be used in all areas of the body and for any type of skin.

To what extent do skin tone and hair colour influence?

The tone of the skin and the colour of the hair do not influence at all. It is especially suitable for brown skin or blonde hair, so it can be used even in summer when sunbathing.

What is the ideal profile for a laser hair removal session?

All types of ages from 14 years old, male and female. The only conditions are that 3 days have passed since the last time you sunbathed and that the skin does not have any type of wound.

Is it still painful? Have techniques improved in this regard?

Technology has improved a lot. Laser Hair Removal Treatment can be considered a painless process, although, of course, it can depend on each person. One person may be more sensitive than another, but the pain is hardly existent. Extreme pain usually indicates burning of the skin due to unqualified or inexperienced operators and may result in skin damage. These are the headline stories you see about people making beauty treatment claims for compensation because they were accidentally burned during the treatment. But, they are rare cases.

When do you start to notice the results?

From the first session. You can already see how some hairs stop growing and fall out. With each session, the hair-free areas increase until finally all disappear. It is advisable to follow the indicated intervals between each session for maximum effectiveness.

What are the latest developments in the field of laser hair removal?

The latest hair removal lasers are very advanced. They are the first lasers that allow you to treat even brown skin or very blonde hair, in addition to allowing you to sunbathe after 2 or 3 days.

What is the best time of year to undergo a laser hair removal session?

Thanks to the latest laser technology, the time of year does not matter. Many people prefer to do it in winter, but it is a purely psychological issue because at that time they have their bodies covered and do not worry about hair.

What precautions or care should you take once you start laser sessions?

First of all, notify the doctor if you have any type of skin lesion, if you are pregnant, or if you have started taking some type of medication. All this is important because the skin can change, and the doctor will be able to say whether or not you should continue with the treatment.

What areas are the ones that women most depilate?

Nowadays all areas are treated. The most popular are the armpits, the legs, but other areas such as the linea alba, facial hair, etc., are also very common.

The Alexandrite laser, Diode, Ruby, Neodymium Yag … Who is who in the world of laser?

The difference between all of these is the wavelength:

The Alexandrite is used mainly for dark hair and a medium skin tone, the Diode is used for dark skin and removes all types of hair, the Ruby is especially suitable for light skin and dark hair and finally the Yag, with a higher wavelength, can be used with any type of skin, although it requires one or two more sessions.

Should you choose the most appropriate type of laser for each person?

Of course. Before starting laser hair removal sessions, a free medical consultation should be arranged, in which a doctor examines each client and determines which treatment is best for him or her. The right device and a qualified operator can help avoid accidents and those extreme cases where clients suffer injury and seek beauty treatment solicitors in order to make a claim for compensation for damages.

Can Laser Hair Removal be done at home?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by many who do not like to pay regular visits to beauty clinics. To put it up in the right way, yes, with the advancement in technology, laser hair removal can be done from the comfort of home. With an at home laser hair removal device, you can get smooth, hair-free skin in about 20 minutes. What’s more? The device can target hair follicles and prevent regrowth and offer long-lasting results.

Is laser hair removal also a man’s thing?

Nowadays, there is almost no difference between men and women in hair removal issues. In clinics, it is common to find almost the same number of clients of both sexes. Men are aware that they are fully entitled to take care of themselves and they do it more and more. As for men, laser hair removal for all areas is in high demand, but if you had to choose a favourite, it would be the thorax and the back, followed by the glutes.