Have the Time of Your Life This Summer With the Perfect Watch

Accessorizing has the potential to make or break any outfit that you choose. There’s nothing wrong with having a simple outfit that makes you feel cute and confident, but adding accessories to your summer clothes can improve your look without having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. This can be a necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings or even watches.

Watches are one accessory that is often overlooked when considering how to make your wardrobe pop. We all have our personal watches in our handbags – on our phones – but there is nothing classy about checking your phone every few minutes to find out the time. With a watch, you can avoid the hassle of rummaging through your handbag and show off your accessorizing prowess at the same time.

What kind of watch? 

When you are thinking about adding a watch to your everyday outfit, you might feel overwhelmed with the options available. Do you go for analog or digital? Do you want a leather strap, a plastic strap or a metal strap? What about the color? 

Thankfully, the sheer variety can work in your favour. Places such as Tic Watches, the UK’s number one watch store, have a wide variety of timepieces that can suit whatever kind of outfit you want to show off that day. Some watches are more versatile than others, so knowing your wardrobe (as if you don’t) before purchasing can help you pick the best watch for you. 

When to Wear It? 

Summertime brings many possibilities when it comes to getting outside and showing off. There will be weddings, garden parties, barbecues and days spent lounging around with friends in the park soaking up the sun.

For casual events, you can choose to sport something practical and bold like the popular big-face watch will add some flavour to your chosen outfit, whether it be shorts, leggings or skirts complete with a pair of Converse or sandals. When attending more formal occasions, such as a wedding, accessorizing with a watch that is humble but shiny can add a touch of class to your outfit, without taking attention away from the bride. 

Matching to Your Outfit 

With so many different options, you will probably feel spoilt for choice so it may be tempting to just go with one watch for all occasions, and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, this can make everything feel too same-y and could cause unwanted contrast with some of your favourite outfits. 

Summer dresses and sun hats perhaps call for a light-colored leather strap watch that suits the general theme of your outfit, while something like shorts and strappy tops might inspire you to select a different kind of watch like plastic or silicon straps that use the primary colors, can add a little bit of edge to your appearance. 

You Do You 

It can be tempting to simply follow the trends of the season, but you are all individuals with your own style and preferences. Finding the perfect watch for whatever outfit you want to wear out this summer can add splashes of colour and spark through the simplest of additions.

Too often do us ladies concern ourselves with having nothing to wear. But understanding that it is frequently the right accessories that make the outfit, instead of the outfit itself, will open a whole world of options for mixing and matching and give you the chance to have the time of your life this summer.