3 Easy Exercises To Improve Your Fitness On A Trampoline

If you are bored with your current exercise program or weight loss exercises, why not try working out on a trampoline? You will certainly add a lot of fun to your exercise routine and when you like something, you tend to see the best results. Like any other cardio session and aerobic exercises, trampoline exercises can help strengthen organs and elevate your heart rate like never before.

Staying in constant motion while jumping on a trampoline, you will improve the circulation of blood in the body, increase muscle tone and get rid of stubborn fat layers. Constant Jumping is also ideal for toning the legs and thighs. Add arm movements and not only add a little ‘more fun to the workout, but also make it more exciting. If you want to do your challenging exercise, use ankle weights! I can guarantee you, you will see effective results sooner than you imagined.

Why should you exercise on a trampoline?

There are so many ways to exercise, but what is so special about trampoline workouts? We’ll see! Exercising on a trampoline is a fun way to get fit that can involve the whole family. Come rain or shine, a trampoline park is always warm and dry, and unlike jogging, even the little ones can join in without getting left behind.

Besides that, trampolining is proven to be a great way of getting fit because it increases the metabolism which in turn can stimulate fat loss and improve digestion. Did you know that spending just 10 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to running a mile in terms of energy output? Furthermore, because trampolining isn’t “weight bearing”, your joints get much less wear than compared to jogging.

Does not it sound great? If you do not have enough space to go jogging or brisk walking, consider the latest equipment for weight loss trampolines. You can tone different areas of the body, such as your legs, thighs and stomach if you are diligent enough. Want to know more? Visit Tramp2lean Sheffield who hosts regular fitness classes for beginners all the way through to the professional level.

3 Easy Trampoline Exercises:

  1. Jogging on the spot!

Try this to get your heart rate racing. Sounds easy I know! Simply jog on the spot, as you do so, you will notice that the spring from the trampoline forces your feet and legs back up considerably faster. As you can imagine, the faster your legs go up, the faster they come down. This can soon lead to a super quick sprint working your full body and working oxygen around your body like never before. The next time you are on a trampoline simply try jogging on the spot for 5 minutes, you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Knee Lifts

This exercise is great for targeting your abdominal muscles and adding strength to your whole core. The knee lift is basically a straight   a small twist! As you reach the apex of your jump, quickly lift your knees up as high on your chest as possible while keeping your knees tucked in tight. Of course on the descent make sure to lower them quickly enough so that you can land on your feet and repeat again.

  1. Push-ups

If you can’t manage a normal push-up off the floor, a great alternative to get you started is trampoline push-ups!  Trampoline push-ups are done the same as usual, the only difference being that the trampoline helps push you back into the starting position. This of course works the usual muscle groups, the main two being; pectorals and triceps, but also works your core.

Why not give these 3 easy exercises a go on your next session on a trampoline?