Home Workout Essentials for Limited Spaces

The dawn of summer just has this way of compelling us to want to clear the clutter in just about every area of our lives, from cleaning up the garage to lightening up our living spaces by making it that much lighter. You might even feel compelled to lighten up the load on your body as well by resolving to get rid of all the excess fat built-up over winter so that you can enjoy a leaner summer body. Summer tends to permeate every single corner of our lives and if you have limited interior space to work with, there are a few home gym essentials which will make sure your zest for getting into shape remains intact as a result of not having to dread making a long trip to the gym or having to unpack and pack some big and bulky equipment after every gym session.


Heavy Duty Kit Bag

I’ll be upfront with you – when I was putting this post together I was thinking about the limited space one would have to work with in a studio apartment-type residence. You know – those two-room studio apartments which essentially have a bathroom and another room which essentially passes for everything else, including the living room, the bedroom, the dining room, etc? Yeah, you’ll definitely need a kit bag to house all your space-saving gym essentials, including any sports supplements you may use. I mean sure, the packaging in which the best protein shake comes looks so good that you might otherwise want to display it on a mantle somewhere, but if you’re dealing with limited interior real estate, you best have a heavy duty kit bag into which you can just quickly throw everything to clear up some space. If it’s one of those versatile kit bags you can also hang off of something like a coat rack, all the better.

Resistance Band(s)

Resistance bands are great because they take up such little space, even when you haven’t rolled them up and tucked them away. Two will do just fine, with different resistance strengths so that you can vary the amount of resistance you want as you continue to work on your summer body. You could also quite easily hang them off that coat rack as well for quick and easy access.

Exercise Ball

Well you’ll definitely not be able to pack this one away along with all your other summer exercise equipment into your heavy duty kit bag, but an exercise ball can quite easily double-up as an extra chair, with which to ensure you always maintain good posture when you’re just sitting around, going about your daily business away from exercising.

A Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can be rolled up very easily into a small heap that can be slipped into your kit bag as well, but they’re very useful for a range of floor exercises.

And guess what? A fully-loaded heavy-duty kit bag makes for a great pack weight itself, with which you can complete some of your exercise variations. Otherwise between all of these mentioned items, you can very effectively complete just about any exercise and exercise variety on your quest to gain a summer body, while you save a lot of space and enjoy the ability to pack things up very quickly if needs be.