Are You Walking Enough?

Between the mandatory trips to work, the defeated walks up a flight of stairs on the back the knowledge that the elevator is out of order, and having the ability to order anything and have it delivered to your door, the short answer is probably “NO!” You’re probably not walking enough. I personally realised just how far behind I probably am on the 115,000 miles we’re recommended to cover by the time we reach the end of our lives, which can be broken down into a mere 10,000 steps per day. Justifiably, we all probably have a million and one reasons for not hitting our daily recommended feet-exercising quota, but any thoughts thereof naturally spark a deeper look into the overall health of your feet.

They are the first parts of our bodies to get to work every morning when we wake up and they carry us everywhere we go, yet we seem to take our feet for granted. Should something go wrong with your feet, your general mobility is limited in a big way and that’s unfortunately when we tend to consider taking better care of the health of our feet. Understanding the anatomy of the foot is where taking better care of the health of your feet starts, so you can check out this infographic of the foot’s anatomy, provided by Brantano.

Brantano Anatomny of the Foot FINAL