Unleash Your Beach Body and Win a Trip to Ibiza

Looking and feeling good is about more than just throwing on a cute outfit you took hours shopping for and picking out, for whatever the occasion. Clothes that fit right look even better on a body that appears as if it has been put through its paces quite rigorously in the gym, whether you’re a guy or girl. If you already have something close to a beach body any fitness junkie would be proud of, summer should undoubtedly have you just itching to show it off. Otherwise if winter has weighed you down a bit too much and you’ve not yet even started working on your summer beach body, all’s not lost and you actually have double incentive to unleash your beach body. You can win a VIP trip to Spain’s Ibiza Island by just resolving to commit to a workout and nutrition plan by MaxiNutrition, which will fast-track your beach body worthiness.


MaxiNutrition 30 Day Ibiza Challenge

So the challenge is to commit to getting yourself as beach-worthy as possible in a period of just 30 days, but you won’t have to go it alone. MaxiNutrition is here to offer the best support you could possibly ask for, in the form of a range of specialised exercise and nutrition plans, specially formulated for those who yearn to unleash their beach bodies. It definitely can be done with the support of a sports nutrition specialist with a focus on supplements purpose built for healthy and rapid body transformation.

Fancy a trip to the Spanish Island of Ibiza? You can take two of your mates along with you if at the end of the 30 day body transformation challenge you’re the one who emerges as the most transformed. What better way to show off your beach body than to dance the night away, VIP style on one of Europe’s most exclusive party spots? The winner also gets a cool £500 in spending money to add to the festivities, so there’s even more incentive for you to start hitting the gym and working on unleashing your beach body.

Check out the full details here – the prize is all-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about transport arrangements and accommodation. Sort out your body and MaxiNutrition will sort out your VIP getaway.

Triple Your Chances of Winning

We can talk about how at the end of the day all participants walk away winners, but at this point you’re really only in it to win it all, aren’t you? So as much as a transformed body is still something good to walk away with, if you really want to win the VIP getaway you can increase your chances of winning, threefold. Get two of your friends in on it and inform them about the MaxiNutrition 30 Day Body Transformation Ibiza challenge. If three of you are totally committed to winning it, between the three of you someone should come close to winning. And if one of you wins, the lot of you will go, with the other two tagging along as the two friends allowed to get in on the fun. Push each other hard to stick to the provided exercise and nutrition plans and you’ll have the best chance of winning.