How to Still Look Festival-Ready in the Winter

Winter is on the horizon, but that won’t prevent anyone from attending their favorite concerts! Unfortunately, festival season is over – the joyous weekends spent enjoying our favorite music in the summer sun wearing cropped tops, tanks, tees, shorts, and flip flops. Now we’re stuck waiting in line for venues, already a miserable experience, made even worse by the colder weather, the freezing winds, and the horrible ice rain, or worse, snow! So how do you still look chic and stay warm? Simple!


Everyone should have a leather jacket in his or her closet. A well crafted leather jacket will last years of wear and tear and all of the elements. Get a size larger than you normally would wear so you can layer warmer materials beneath it, like a hoodie or a fleece. Better yet, find a leather coat that is already heavily lined with other material! Check out Urban Outfitters for designer leather jackets at incredible discounts! Express, another fantastic department store, also offers various leather jacket cuts in numerous colors. Look out for their weekend deals – you may be able to luck out and get two jackets for the price of one!

The next essential for your winter concert outfit are tights or leggings. Head to Forever 21 to find tights in fun prints, designs, and colors – you’ll be sure to find multiple tights that will match your style! You can even add a pair of tights to your summer dresses if you’re missing the warmer weather. Make sure you throw on your leather jacket and a wool infinity scarf to keep yourself warm!

Finally, round out your outfit with some boots or booties! Both work well with dresses, tights, and pants! If you’re feeling some skinny jeans, get some booties with a slight heel and roll up the cuffs of your jeans to show off their design or slip on a pair of riding boots to keep your toes and calves extra toasty! Throw on a beanie to keep your head warm while you’re in line, and you’ll still look cute as a button even if it’s horrendously cold outside!

So don’t let the inclement weather deter you from having a great winter concert experience! It’s more than affordable to look chic and stay warm!