Great Tips For Picking The Right Dress

2015 is hotting up to be an exciting year in fashion. Now that we all have a little more cash in our pockets, the clothing stores seem to be rewarding us. There are some gorgeous fashion ideas, great cuts, and even better prints than ever before. Whatever your style, the high streets and malls of the world have never been more full of great bargains for us all to look really great this year. Let’s hope the weather keeps up with it!

If you are looking for something light and flowing for this summer, you can find plenty of great, cotton dresses out there. Prints are not quite as delicate and flowery as previous summers, but are instead bold and shaped to define our curves. While we have seen something like this before, the colors this year are less punchy, dark and brooding, and more sensual, soft and intimate.

Dress lengths vary wildly this year. Short and lightweight really doesn’t work, so if you find anything higher than the mid thigh that is not weighted, give it a miss. Instead, take a slightly longer length in a heavier material, which won’t lend itself to any wardrobe malfunctions at the first gust of wind. Full-length to the ankle is the trending length this year, with open toe heeled sandals and bold color toe nail polish. Just above the knee is looking great for those with the skinniest of calf muscles, or alternatively, try a lush pair of leggings.


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If you are looking to leggings this year, you can find plenty of great designs that you can wear everyday. Choose a higher quality material that won’t stretch at the knees or sag in the bottom if you are a sitter. Office jobs have a way of destroying our clothing quicker than our morale! Take your time to find two or three pairs that can be worn under shorts, dresses or skirts. You can always take them off, like layering, but they are handy to have there for rainy days.

You may be looking for the shorter lengths in your skirts and dresses this season. Perhaps you are interested in finding out about some great workouts to help tone those legs and make them look fabulous when they are out. You may also want some moisturizing fake tan to enhance any color you already have there. If your legs aren’t as attractive as you hoped they would be, sheer stockings or hose can really bring them to life. Varicose and thread veins may even improve in their condition for this help.

Wherever your tastes fall, you can find plenty to keep you happy in 2015. There is so much choice, and the budget stores are really doing their bit to test out some great ideas in short order runs, so get in early. Take your time to try on anything you haven’t worn before. If you are looking at a new style for the first time, shop for your shape, rather than for patterns or prints you like on the mannequin.