Winter Make-up to Keep You Looking Your Best

Winters can make it harder for you to look your best and the make-up essentials for winters vary greatly from summers. You can’t possibly be caught using the same moisturizer throughout the year, or wait, can you? As confusing as it may sound, winter make-up isn’t all that difficult once you have some essential tricks in your bag to keep you looking gorgeous.


  1. Define your eyes-

Put on some dark shade of eyeliner in winters and you will fit right in the chilly season.

  1. Use softer shades-

Use shades of grey and pink for your make up and blend in well.

  1. Take care of your lips-

Make sure you put on some lip balm or moisturizer every day and whenever needed throughout to keep your lips moisturized and hydrated. Cracked lips are the last thing you want on your face in the season.

  1. The foundation

Do not use anything that will shine. At all. Use a matte foundation and top it with some tinted powder to achieve the perfect look.

  1. Lip pops-

Let your lips do the talking by using brighter lip colours. They will go well with the rest of the makeup and prevent you from looking like a zombie. Jokes aside, bright lips are in and they look great.

  1. Nudes-

Alternatively, if bright lips are not your thing you can always choose the nude shades, but while doing so use a little sheen to highlight your eyes to make your face appear livelier.

If it gets really taxing for you some days, you can always choose to stay in and play some bingo and casino games till you feel like dressing up again. Winter make-up can be really easy if you know the basics and are open to new alternatives. So go ahead and look your best with these tips.