Look Fab & Yet Save Money From Online Shopping

Shopping is an excellent stress buster for women and necessity of men. However with changing times and men becoming more fashion conscious, shopping has become their favourite too. Shopping encounters that were earlier limited to market visits have now become common and frequent due to the online shopping portals offering everything at the click of a button.


The idea of anytime anywhere shopping floated by the online portals has increased the number of impulsive shoppers and that may sometimes result, that doesn’t fit to your taste. There is always a scope to return the goods if you don’t find them suitable, but that can help only when you realize it in due time.

Spending money on wrong stuff is worse than overpaying for the one you want! The idea of saving money would be defeated by purchasing the unwanted products available on sale in order to get hefty discounts.

Here is the simple guide to look fab, buy the best, and still save money while purchasing online in few easy ways.

  1. Find out the right size

Every size has limited choice and knowing your size beforehand would reduce the hassles of going through the entire range of products. The instances of returns because of wrong size would go down when you know your size. Finding the right size is easy and can be done in two ways –

  • Reach out to your wardrobe and check the size of the apparel from that particular brand or any other having similar size chart. This method will give you the exact measurements.
  • Take the measuring tape and measure your vital statistics. Don’t keep it very tight or loose, just use it to have exact measurements to get the correct sizing.
  1. Refer the size chart

Having kept the measurements ready, look out for the size chart. The separate size chart for each product can be found when you land on the product description page. These size charts differ for every brand, hence recheck the chart every time before you order the product. Those wearing UK16 with one brand may be required to order UK14 or UK18 for some other product. The cuts and curves of the apparel will also play a big role in deciding the size. Going through the chart is recommended even when you are ordering your regular brand as the sizing would differ according to the apparel design. For those shopping from portals like Banana Republic, there would be only single size chart based on different designs to be referred.

  1. Go through the description in detail

It is natural to order your favourite apparel or accessory right away in excitement, however sometimes you miss out on fine lines. The picture posted on the website would be good enough to select the product but that won’t allow you to know all about the fabric. Some fabrics look good in image, but the same would not fit in your choice. Again you need to know the fabric well due to allergy concerns as some fabrics may turn out to be very itchy for your skin. In certain images, it is difficult to make out whether the fabric is printed or embroidered, whereas the description would mention it clearly. This will add clarity to your decision.

  1. Play safe

Some colours simply don’t fit into your palate and it is better not to try the hues of that colour as well if the return policy is not clear. Experimenting with colours is good, but only if backed by customer friendly return policy. For example, if you don’t like bright yellow, then play safe with all shades of yellow as the images posted are misleading due to light effects. You won’t face any problem for your favourite colour as its shades are equally acceptable, however when it comes to disliked colour, the problem will become more severe. Even when you have made such wrong ordering, decide immediately on the receipt of the order and don’t try to convince yourself for something you really don’t like. This will save your wardrobe from overcrowding.

  1. Customer reviews

Genuine customer reviews matter when shopping online. Most of the popular products have customer reviews adding to its authenticity. These reviews say everything about the product, service, and after sales support offered by the website. You will get answer to simple queries like – How much the product resembles its image? How effective is the size chart? And many such queries.

Online shopping offers you utmost convenience in the form of easy selection, faster returns, quick payments, and doorstep delivery. All these and many more can be enjoyed to the fullest by following above mentioned easy tips.