Ways You Can Make An Income From Your Couch

You don’t always have to have a college degree, or run of the mill job to make money. Everybody pushes education from a young age saying that you need to have good grades through high school to make into a good college. If you make it into a good college, you’ll have a career that will make you far more money than another job without a college degree ever could.


Education is definitely important, but it’s really up to the individual to evaluate their own life and choose whether or not a college degree will prove fruitful for them. The average student who graduates in 2015 will graduate with $35,000 worth of debt. You can imagine how long that will take to pay off when trying to live, eat, buy or rent a house or apartment, and pay for all the other expenses that life throws at you.

If you decided that college is right for you, that’s perfectly fine. You just need some ways to make money on the side that will help you knock out those loans so they don’t continue collecting monstrous interest. Here are ways you can make money from your very own couch.

Review New Music

Many sites will offer to pay you if you take a little time to listen to music and write what you think about it. That’s pretty neat, huh? If you’re a music lover, this is definitely a great option for you. It’s super simple and you can review as many songs as you want. Obviously, the more you do, the more you earn, but that is something that is completely up to you. Either way, you get to add some new music to your playlist, and feel like your opinion actually matters!

Do a Little Gambling

Maybe this isn’t a guaranteed way to make money from home, but you never know! There are forms of gambling that are way more based on logic and the evaluating of trends and statistics. If you’re intelligent and you’re also one who tends to be lucky, than this is a great avenue for you to take. Consider gambling on the stock market, or learning the strategy behind horse racing. It’s a very real way to make money, and it’s not the kind of gambling where you mindlessly push a button and see what happens.

Write For Your Living

If words come easy to you, than writing from home is the job for you. There are so many freelance writing opportunities available. All you have to do is search a general job site and you’ll have options to choose from. With writing jobs, you can usually pick and choose how much work you want to do as they’ll pay you per submission. It’s all your prerogative, and you can dedicate as much time as you have!

If none of these options appeal to you, simply keep looking around. Money and opportunity has a way of showing up on the World Wide Web.