What a Natural Tan Really Looks Like

It’s quite ironic isn’t it, how we appear to come full-circle as far as trends go? I’m talking about all trends here and not just fashion, but naturally it is indeed in the fashion scene where trends are perhaps most pronounced. Fashion trends appear to recycle themselves every few years and I’m still waiting to see how the nineties are going to make their comeback in what would appear to be a rather interesting battle between a time when material was seemingly used in excess and right now, when minimalism seems to be the order of the day. Continue reading

All You Need To Know About Jewellery Superstitions

The world is full of superstitions. From how breaking a mirror can lead to seven years of bad luck, to how Friday the 13th is the unluckiest day of the year, there are many people that believe in such things. But what if the bad luck that you were experiencing actually came from not being able to protect yourself from black magic? What if you were subjected to a source of witchcraft and you didn’t even know? While this is uncommon, it can happen, so it is important that you know how to protect yourself.

Luckily, jewellery can provide such protection in the form of an amulet or charm, and these can be worn on statement pieces such as a necklace or bracelet, or they can simply be placed in your home or workplace. Do this, and you will never receive any bad luck.

That said, jewellery has more than its fair share of ancient beliefs that are associated with items we wear on our body. Like all superstitions, the ones connected with jewellery are mainly old wives’ tales and need to be debunked, so here are just some of the mistaken beliefs that have arisen in the world of jewellery, in no particular order. Continue reading

Is vaping cool for a girl to do?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4% of persons in the world currently vape, a majority of that number being teenagers and young adults. Vaping is one of those activities that became particularly trendy in the recent past. With the increasing popularity of vaping, one may still be curious about how cool it is, especially for girls. Visit websites online to get more information. We wouldn’t exactly state that vaping is cool or not cool. However, we will be sharing facts about vaping that could make it cool or uncool for girls. Continue reading

8 tips for safe shopping online.

Online purchases can be convenient, profitable and safe, as long as you take certain precautions before making your purchase especially sharing your credit card information with an e-commerce site. Below are tips for secure online shopping.

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Luxe is the New Black with Winky Lux

With some crazy stories already doing the rounds in relation to the mega savings to be enjoyed around this time of the year, I’m quite happy to report that I prepared for this year’s Black Friday and subsequent mega-deals days of the festive season last year already! We’re definitely a few hours into the first of these days, Black Friday, and this time around I made it my personal mission to really get some lasting and tangible value out of the Black Friday deals I chase. Continue reading

Best way to deal with post-op scars / best ways to deal with scars?

When you choose to have any type of invasive surgery, the presence of post-surgical scars is inevitable.

As a patient, you can do a lot to ensure a positive outcome by selecting a skilled plastic surgeon who can hide or at least minimize visibility of post-operative scars.

You will also play an important role in caring for your post-operative scars to facilitate a fast and full recovery. In this article, learn the best way to deal with scars after your procedure.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions to the Letter

Whether this is your first-ever surgery or you are used to the surgical process, you can be sure your surgeon is more experienced than you are in how to heal and fade scars!

This is why it is so vital to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions to the letter. From taking your prescribed medications as directed to applying the recommended bandages, tape or treatment to minimize scar appearance, you and your surgeon are a team in making sure the appearance of post-surgical scars is minimal.

Understand Complicating Factors & Do Your Part to Minimize Them

Certain factors can make one patient more prone to visible scarring than another. Three of the primary contributing factors include your age, your genetics and your habits.

While this probably won’t seem intuitive, the truth is that as you age, your skin becomes less likely to create a visible, raised scar. So waiting to have surgery until you are older can be a good strategy if you have a history of visible scarring.

Your genetics also have their own role to play in whether or how much post-op scars may show up. For example, some people readily develop keloid scars (raised, thick, pink scars) while others do not.

Your personal habits can also complicate or aid scar healing. If you use tobacco, ceasing for a period of time can help your body heal faster. If you are very active, taking the prescribed rest period will ensure your scars do not become infected or stretched.

Scar Placement Is Very Important to Post-Operative Visibility

Choosing a board certified, licensed and experienced plastic surgeon brings with it the benefit of their many years of expertise in creating the most natural results.

The best plastic surgeons continually research and study the latest scar placement techniques to hid scars in natural skin folds or less-visible areas of the body or face. Be sure to view your surgeon’s “before and after” client portfolio and read patient testimonials to feel confident in your choice.

Know Post-Op Scar Minimization Options Also Exist

Sometimes despite your best efforts, you wind up with a visible scar. But here, all is not lost! There are many approach that can effectively minimize the appearance of a scar post-operatively.

Some are quite simple, such as using scar tape or massage to protect the area and bring healing blood flow. Other options include lasers, revision surgery and steroid treatments at the scar site.