All You Need To Know About Jewellery Superstitions

The world is full of superstitions. From how breaking a mirror can lead to seven years of bad luck, to how Friday the 13th is the unluckiest day of the year, there are many people that believe in such things. But what if the bad luck that you were experiencing actually came from not being able to protect yourself from black magic? What if you were subjected to a source of witchcraft and you didn’t even know? While this is uncommon, it can happen, so it is important that you know how to protect yourself.

Luckily, jewellery can provide such protection in the form of an amulet or charm, and these can be worn on statement pieces such as a necklace or bracelet, or they can simply be placed in your home or workplace. Do this, and you will never receive any bad luck.

That said, jewellery has more than its fair share of ancient beliefs that are associated with items we wear on our body. Like all superstitions, the ones connected with jewellery are mainly old wives’ tales and need to be debunked, so here are just some of the mistaken beliefs that have arisen in the world of jewellery, in no particular order.

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  • Gold and silver should not be mixed. Obviously, there are millions of people who are enjoying life while mixing gold and silver jewellery, and those stunning silver hoop earrings you can get from go perfectly with a gold necklace. In fact, mixing gold and silver jewellery is all the rage right now, so don’t be phased by those who mistakenly think it is bad luck to mix.
  • Pearls mean tears on your wedding day. Another old wives’ tale, some people are of the opinion that a bride should avoid wearing pearls on her wedding day, as it could lead to unhappiness. The truth is, many happily married women wore pearls on their wedding day and are still blissfully happy in their marriage.

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  • You can only wear a wedding ring on the third finger. According to some superstitious folks, the third finger on the left hand is strictly for an engagement or wedding ring, yet we are happy to announce that many women happily wear friendship rings on their wedding finger without any issues. There are a few age old superstitions that are said to be connected with bad luck, which are recommended reading for anyone of a superstitious nature.
  • Never take your engagement ring off. Most of us have heard this one I am sure, yet few people will heed this warning, as every ring needs a good clean from time to time. Whether or not your relationship will stand the test of time is really about how the two of you interact, so resist the temptation to keep that engagement ring on your finger forever and have it cleaned regularly.
  • Turquoise is for travel. It is believed that wearing turquoise will offer you some special kind of protection when travelling, when in fact, common sense is the best form of protection when travelling. Don’t go to remote places with strangers and if travelling alone, always let friends and family know where you are. Of course, there is no reason not to wear turquoise when travelling, or at any other time, just don’t expect it to protect you from danger.

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There are many more ancient superstitions that have emerged over the centuries that are connected to wearing jewellery and it really is down to personal choice as to whether you believe them. Modern society has mixed feelings about some jewellery superstitions, as the reasoning is seated in the times when we knew very little about the world we live in.

If you are looking to acquire a specific piece of jewellery, but are at all concerned about superstitions, you can easily check online to see what others think about it.