Luxe is the New Black with Winky Lux

With some crazy stories already doing the rounds in relation to the mega savings to be enjoyed around this time of the year, I’m quite happy to report that I prepared for this year’s Black Friday and subsequent mega-deals days of the festive season last year already! We’re definitely a few hours into the first of these days, Black Friday, and this time around I made it my personal mission to really get some lasting and tangible value out of the Black Friday deals I chase.

Admittedly I didn’t know for sure which brands, stores, retailers, etc I’d be targeting, so it was kind of by sheer chance that I came across Winky Lux. Either way, luxe is indeed the new black this Black Friday, effectively rendering it a luxe Friday for me – Winky Lux Friday.

So in my quest to prepare for a Black Friday that would see me walking away with some real, lasting value, I specifically set out to target the health and beauty industry. My quest led me to the isolation of the beauty half of the health and beauty industry and that’s totally fine, because that is indeed where I’ve found some real value which I can keep benefitting from long after the crazy sale-dash days have come and gone.

As far as cosmetics go in particular, if you’ve ever enjoyed the privilege of using premium quality brands such as the likes of those which are available via Winky Lux, you’ll never want to go back to the regular stuff. It’s all a bit too heavy on the pocket though, which is why it falls under the premium bracket, but if you’re smart about how you approach the mega savings days like Black Friday then I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Plan things properly and you can get yourself all dolled up pretty much every day of the subsequent year with some of the premium stuff, but you would have paid a fraction of what is suggested by your subsequent appearance. Yes, with proper planning it’s possible to stock up on up to a year’s supply of some of the best that the likes of Winky Lux has to offer. This can even grow into a tradition and you can perhaps even do this annually, but obviously that would mean you probably have to focus on this one area of your festive season shopping if you’re really going to make it work in this way.

Since you can get in on the action via online purchases, the fact that a few hours of Black Friday have already ticked -by shouldn’t put you off at all. There are still some great deals to be had with 50% off, today only. Some of the other deals over the coming days would still have you saving mega bucks and getting the best in premium quality cosmetics, with discounts structured as follows:

  • Saturday 11/24 only: 40% off
  • Sunday 11/25 only: 30% off
  • Monday 11/26: Sale for sunsetting products
  • Tuesday 11/27: 40% of purchase going to charity