How to Organize Your Perfect Wedding

You’ve been through a couple of years, months or weeks (I don’t judge) together, and now, finally, there is a ring on your finger. Buckle up, because this is when the hard part comes on.

Jokes aside, marriage really is a wonderful thing. Weddings are too. But organizing one wedding, especially a perfect one, is a pretty difficult task. Follow these tips to ensure everything goes right.

Getting started

The first and the most natural thing you should do is make the announcement. Start off with your parents and close family members (if possible do a face-to-face conversation, if not, make a special phone call) and then continue to other family members and friends.

Next, talk ideas. Think about what kind of celebration style you would like, what do you want your gown to look like etc. Remember, no money talk before you set the date.

Managing the budget

Regardless of what your budget may be, here is the basic idea of how much people usually spend in each category. However, have in mind that these numbers are not fast and hard – some of them may vary depending on your choices.

The reception takes up about 40% of the budget, honeymoon around 14%, photography around 11%, miscellaneous around 10%, wedding attire 7%, wedding bands and engagement rings 6%, flowers and music 5%, and invitations 2%.

And since wedding budget may expand like a balloon, make sure yours doesn’t pop. You can cut your costs by borrowing some stuff, using your friend’s and family’s DIY skills for decorations, avoiding impulse purchases etc.

Finding the venue

While every single aspect of wedding is optional, a venue is something you don’t want to skip. Why? Because that is the place where you and your friends and family are going to celebrate the happiest day of your life. What are your dreams and desires? Would you want to get married on the remote beach of Maldives, or in a luxurious venue such as Le Montage in Sydney? Do you know your budget and does that venue you are currently considering fit your needs? Make sure you do your homework because this is probably the most important part of the overall celebration.

Hiring vendors

When it comes to vendors, there are four: photographer and a videographer, musicians, caterer and flowers and décor.

When it comes to photographers, note that the best ones are usually booked months ahead, so get on this part as early as you can. Ask some friends for recommendations and then decide on what kind of shots would you like best.

When it comes to musicians, firstly decide whether you want to hire a DJ or a live band. Next, arrange to hear their performance before you choose to sign them on. Make sure they will agree to follow your desired playlist and find out all about their breaks, outfits, how long they will be able to play etc.

Once you’ve booked your reception site, you can decide on decorations and table arrangements. The decorations depend on the venue itself as well as your budget, so do your homework.

Finally, the caterer: note that you are more than welcome to ask your caterer to make you a sample of food that will be served so you can decide whether you like the taste of it or not. Also, don’t be afraid to bargain.

Buying the gown

If you are the type of a girl who used to pin towels on her head and play bride when she was little, you will definitely need some extra help with this step. Let’s face it, staying level-headed while you are shopping for a wedding dress is easier said than done. Make sure you bring your mom as well as all your down-to-earth pals, but only those who have the same taste as you.

As soon as you think you’ve found The One – you probably have, look no further and don’t second-guess.

Choosing your bridesmaids

When choosing your bridesmaids, make sure you follow these five crucial tips:

  • Explain what is required of them, such as paying for their attire and planning the shower
  • Tell each one that she will need to commit a certain amount of energy and time – and if she cannot do it, it is fair of her to decline your offer
  • You are allowed to choose as many bridesmaids as you want
  • Make sure your closest friend gets the maid of honor position
  • One smart and diplomatic move is to include at least one female relative of your groom into your bevy.

Finally, make sure you only ask those whom you’ll be thrilled to hear “yes” from.

Wedding day beauty

All the planning can make you forget one really important part: you. Make sure that through these few months you stick to a healthy meal plan, get plenty of sleep, practice your makeup and do a practice session with your hairstylist. The day is about you after all.

Finally, when your big day arrives, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it to the fullest.