How To Feel Like You’re in Your 20’s in Your 40’s

It’s possible to feel like a fountain of youth well into your 40’s with the right amount of proper maintenance. More and more people are looking younger in their later years as more advanced anti-aging products emerge and cosmetic procedures become more accessible to the general public.


Makeup skills that were once only available to professionals once are now easily accessed on every social platform and YouTube videos. These contouring techniques can shave years off of a person’s face in less than 10 minutes!

Other than cosmetic and plastic procedures and heavy makeup, however, there are a variety of ways that you can appear young without having to go under the knife or receive painful injections.

Take a look at some of these natural youth boosting tips and soon people will be asking you what your secret is.

Limit Substances

Limiting your intake of substances including medications, hard drugs, alcohol, or tobacco can greatly reduce your chances of aging prematurely. Some people think that a daily glass of wine or two can increase your health. While this might be true in some regards, such as improving cardiovascular health, the side effects of alcohol include interrupted sleep, dehydration, and potential addiction which can lead to requiring recovery treatment.

All of these side effects age a person dramatically. When the skin is not hydrated or lacking rest, eyes become dark and concave, and the cheeks become gaunt making fine lines more apparent.

Smoking can also age the skin at a much more dramatic rate.

Keep up With Trends

By keeping up with the latest fashions and popular looks one can appear less outdated which is definitely a factor that can reveal someone’s age.

Stay up to date with the latest treatments as well. Face and skin treatments such as dermal fillers sunnyvale tx or somewhere closer to you could give you a youthful appearance even in your 40s! The anti-aging movement is adopting cosmetic treatments and modern technology, so you shouldn’t fall behind.


Working out and building a heart rate can keep our youthful glow for a long time. People who exercise regularly over 40 report fewer cases of depression and have a great satisfaction in life because of their extra self-confidence.

A healthy body means a healthy glow.

Smile More!

Studies show that smiling leads to increased blood circulation in the face causing a more youthful glow. In addition to the extra blood flow, it also exercises facial muscles which give the face a more chiseled face.

Apart from that smiling is just plain nice. People will respond to your warmly if you smile, and chances are you will be greeted with a smile back.

Smiling is something you see children doing very often, so it translates a youthful careless freedom that takes years off of you.