Winter is No Excuse NOT to Look Fab

It’s perhaps getting a lot better as the ages roll by, but it most certainly still is quite an issue, that being how we tend to use the colder winter months as an excuse not to dress up and look fabulous. I mean sure, comfort perhaps comes first during winter, alongside your health — you don’t want to suffer the effects of hypothermia in the name of looking good, but that’s just it; dressing up warmly and comfortably to combat the biting winter chill does not mean you have to look like a slob.


Late Summer Shopping

There is a small window of opportunity to get the very latest and best in winter fashion trends not known by many people, but you’re about to be in on it right now. If you haven’t noticed, winter fashion trends tend to linger for more than one winter season, with regards to some specific minor details though and not in general. For example, long fur coats (whether it’s real fur or not) may be particularly in during one winter season as part of an overall look (fur coats with denims and knee-high boots), but come next season the overall trendy look which was in this past season is only slightly modified. In the case of the fur coat with denims and high boots, the slight change would perhaps be that of the high-knee boots being replaced by ankle boots the following winter season and perhaps a specific coloured pair of jeans, like a black instead of a bright denim.

This is a minor change, admittedly, but it makes for somewhat of a completely refreshed look come next winter season. Now, this is when that little window of opportunity comes to the fore, opening late in the summer season (just before autumn kicks-in). What retailers normally do is start selling some of their leftover winter fashion stock from last season, as a means through which to well, get rid of it, but a lot of that leftover winter fashion stock forms part of the trends of the coming winter fashion, so this is when you should look out for some neat little items you can score on the cheap.

After this first wave of the early signs of winter fashion starting to hit the shelves, winter fashion then starts to get a bit more expensive, so be sure to catch the first wave and you’ll have a lot of great winter fashion items with which you can look good.

Body Shape Matters

The cold winter months actually give us the ideal chance to perhaps experiment a little with fashion, which is where all the trouble starts. The opportunity to experiment is not in itself the cause for this trouble, but rather how we go about it. We tend to neglect our body shapes and perhaps just throw on layers upon layers of clothes which look good on a mannequin, but the key to maintaining a great look during the colder months of the year is to keep dressing according to your body shape. Something which still hugs your waste will likely look much better than something else which just loosely hangs off your upper body, for instance.