How Should You Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary?

If your 25th anniversary is fast approaching, you might be thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion and here are some tips on how to celebrate.


Oh! You are thinking about 25th wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse. First of all, congratulations on making it through 25 years togetherness and loving and laughing through all the ups and downs in your life, vacations, kids, careers and anything that the life has presented to both of you. If you are planning to make this silver jubilee special with some celebrations, it is actually a wonderful idea. Your thought is good as a quarter century of togetherness needs some celebrations, many couples like to choose a Custom Anniversary Gift for each other, but here are some more ideas to celebrate your anniversary:

Make arrangements for a grand party:

The best method you can follow to celebrate your silver jubilee year of togetherness is to spend time with your loved ones. As it was so long to catch up with your loved ones, this event can turn out to be an excellent opportunity for a reunion. So, you are recommended to meticulously work out your plans.

Send your invites:

To start the proceedings, just send your invites to all your close relatives and friends. Prepare a list of invitees along with your spouse and make sure that everyone is invited and no one is missed out. Also, on the basis of the number of invitees, just fix a budget for the party, such that you can choose the venue accordingly. Try if you can arrange the party at the venue at which your wedding actually took place. This will take you to the wonderful day when your journey started as a couple. If possible, you can plan the party at your own home, if you do not want to go for any bookings. Also, plan for the appropriate decorations and menu to rightly portray your 25th wedding anniversary.

An intimate dinner for the couple:

A romantic dinner at the favorite place of the couple can be an excellent idea and their kids can plan for such a dinner on behalf of their father and mother. Also, the couple can decide whether to take their children along or whether they wish to spend the time alone. Even, guests can be invited to the restaurants and after they leave, the couple can be left alone to spend their time together.

Gift suggestions:

If you are considering a wonderful gift for your spouse on the occasion as it is a silver jubilee, you can choose your presentation to be made out of silver. Here are other ideas:

  • Get a personalized ‘thinking of you’ gift box for your spouse from somewhere like UnboxMe
    ( to celebrate your love.
  • Just gather the songs that were popular at the time of your wedding and prepare a CD or pen drive for your spouse to listen.
  • You can also make a photo collage by assembling the photos of the special events in these 25 years of togetherness.
  • If you prefer giving a truly unique gift, try something similar to a hand casting to convey a deep sense of belonging and love.
  • If you are a poet, you can also create a poem for your spouse and can write it in silver ink and can frame it in a silver frame.

All in all, everything right from the gift to the party arrangements should turn out to be the most memorable for the remaining days of your life to cherish about. Happy wedding anniversary!