Essential oils everyone should introduce to their beauty routine

We probably all have particular creams and lotions that we swear by; products that seem to have a magical effect on how we look. However, have you ever stopped to wonder why those products are so effective? It could be due to the inclusion of what are called essential oils.

Once you have realised this, you might also soon realise that significant expenditure on those creams and lotions isn’t necessary and that you can buy those essential oils in isolation instead. Nonetheless, you should resist using them in isolation…

As most essential oils are not intended for direct application to skin or hair, mix these oils into a “carrier oil”, HuffPost advises. Coconut oil and olive oil would be good carrier oils and can often prevent the main oil irritating your body.

Look forward to smoother skin

Alas, acne isn’t necessarily limited to socially awkward schoolboys. It can still adversely affect many of us as adults, though you could forgo harsh acne creams in favour of tea tree oil, which naturally banishes bacteria. That can include, conveniently, bacteria that causes acne. However, after using such essential oils, you might also be able to say goodbye to dandruff and nail fungus. This is because essential oils might have some amount of anti-bacterial properties that help in the reduction of fungus.

Should you not have acne, you can still use oils to balance your complexion. You should choose lavender, coconut or olive oil for dry skin, Reader’s Digest recommends – while geranium is suggested for oily skin and rose or sandalwood oil for normal skin.

Rehydrate your hair

If your hair looks overly dry, then stepping into the shower at home might seem an obviously wise move. Once you are there, however, you don’t strictly need to pick up a deep conditioner. You could instead select a moisturising essential oil like argan oil, which has abundant fatty acids and vitamins. Castor oil and avocado oil can be used for the same purpose.

Turn your shower into a spa

The just-mentioned benefits of a shower can be added to when you make that shower a spa. To do this, you can use a method described by aromatherapist Charlynn Avery.

That method involves putting several drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil onto the shower floor ahead of getting the water running. Avery says: “Let hot water hit the floor for several minutes, and then enter the shower. You’ve created a mini-sauna with invigorating oils.”

Give your teeth a makeover

Whenever you greet someone with a friendly smile, it would be a shame if you exposed teeth that were unsightly. Thankfully, if stained teeth are the problem, you can subject them to thorough whitening – and unrefined coconut oil can help you to do that.

The Big Fruit’s specialist online store offers suitable oil solutions for use with a whitening method called oil pulling. From this store, you can purchase a solution containing unrefined coconut oil. This will include lauric acid and, thus, be preferable to fractionated coconut oil – from which antimicrobial lauric acid will have been removed. Choose wisely for coconut oil teeth whitening.