Dealing With Addiction As a Family Unit

Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. Addiction affects family, employers, general interaction among the public, and many, many different aspects of life. But one of the strongest powers against the negative aspects of addiction is going to be strong family support for efficient solutions and resolutions.


So knowing this, a family of an addict that moves away from the idea that addiction is criminal, pay attention to what scheduling is and means, support the 12 steps as a practical solution, create a safe personal environment for the addict, and use common sense instead of judgment when it comes to various behaviours and consequences.

Moving Away From the Idea Addiction Is Criminal

There is an unfortunate perpetuation in many cultures that somehow addiction is criminal. But a vast majority of addicts don’t need jail time, they need help. They need psychological and physical fixes for their condition, and punishment will nearly always move them in the wrong direction. It is starting to come into mass consciousness that this is the case, but it is still a slow-moving process to move the legal considerations for addiction in a positive sense.

Paying Attention To Scheduling

When you research drug scheduling, you’ll find that for practical purposes, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Where certain drugs are placed is supposed to have something to do with addictive properties and the capacity for harm or danger, a lot of them are out of order. Nonetheless, criminal aspects of addiction and drug use are legally bound to this schedule, so as the family member of an addict, you have to be very aware of the consequences of certain types of use, regardless of how logical that list really is.

Supporting the 12 Steps

Many people have found that the 12 steps work for them. If you’re a family member of someone in a 12-step program, or you even deal loosely with sponsors, then you know how important support is, especially when it comes from family members. Whether you understand what the addict is going through or not, support is the key attitude to keep.

Creating a Safe Environment

Creating a safe environment as a family member of an addict requires two major steps.The first major step is ensuring that a home is physically safe, and includes food, clothing, and the capability of having private space. The family should also be aware of when the individual might need professional assistance (perhaps from facilities like those at But the other step is that the cause or symptom of the addiction has to be dealt with. There can be no access to alcohol, drugs, or the addictive substance around.

Using Common Sense Instead of Judgment

And if you choose to judge an addict, in any way, shape, or form, that is a recipe for disaster. The addict will hide things or run away instead of facing the issue with your support.