Adding Some (Real) Life to Your Interior Living Space

Have you ever walked into your interior living space and you finally resigned to the fact that you’re actually missing some life – some real life, on the back of a feeling which has been building up gradually? It happens to people living in all types of residence, whether it’s a big and spacious family home or if it’s a studio apartment with limited space, but it’s most likely to happen to those who live in studio apartments and flats. Homes with gardens are becoming rarer and rarer these days, so what was once just an outside stroll away from accessing some close contact with flora and perhaps some fauna as well, is now commonly accessible by a walk to the park or somewhere else where there’s some plant and animal life.


The issue is mostly limited space, but just coming into contact with fellow human beings and even your regular household pets (cats and dogs), if you have any, can get a bit boring, leaving you yearning to get much closer to Mother Nature.

Re-Do Your Curtaining

If you’re at least lucky enough to have some sort of garden outside, whether it’s a couple of tree branches scraping up against your window or if it’s a fully blossoming garden with many different plant varieties, simply re-doing your curtaining can make a world of difference. Aided by some new-age and versatile designs of something as simple as curtain railing systems from the likes of Oldrids, simply re-designing your curtaining so that you can effectively open up your windows in a way which lets the outside plant life in a bit can almost completely eliminate that industrial feeling induced by an absence of life indoors. Even if only to have a big tree outside cast a shadow inside for a little while during the day.

Get a Fish Tank

Pet fish like goldfish are some of the easiest pets to look after, so that would be a great way to add some real life to your otherwise bland interiors. And if you’re wondering ‘what do fish eat‘ then don’t worry; all the tips and tricks to the best fish keeping are online for you to read up on. What’s more, fish tanks come in various different types of shapes, sizes, and designs, some of which make very good use of even the smallest of interior space. So, even if you’re short of space in your studio apartment, getting a fish tank is a great way to bring this space to life. There’s a vast array of options for decoration, with beautiful types of beginner corals and plants, small statues and showpieces, and many rocks and pebbles to choose from.

Add Some Pot Plants

If you’re up for a little bit more responsibility than simply opening up to let a little nature in, get a couple or more pot plants. This is a great way to literally bring more life into your interior space and many pot plants work particularly well against the white tiles and floors dominating most modern interior spaces which can otherwise be devoid of real life. Something as simple as kidney beans will do well to add that much-needed bit of greenery, especially when the stems start to meander and flow out of the pot, but they also flower really well in-season, which can make for some great colour varieties to complement the green.