Space making Ideas to Help with a Burgeoning Wardrobe

When your love of clothes, shoes and accessories is infinite but your closet has more earthly dimensions, there’s a need for some creative, space making strategies.

Maximise the Available Space 

There are several ways to cram more into a closet and still keep things organised without crushing everything.

  • Use shoe racks at the bottom of the wardrobe if there is some space there. Tension rods are an alternative to ready-made shoe racks, and have the advantage that you can place them exactly where you want them.
  • A second alternative is a hanging shoe rack. It takes up some vertical space, but leaves the bottom of the closet free for other things.
  • A small drawer set may fit into the closet, beneath shorter hanging items. This could provide space for folded clothes or smalls and accessories.
  • If most of your wardrobe consists mostly of separates, try installing a second hanging rail beneath the original one to double the amount of space available.
  • Fit narrow rails (towel rails, for instance) inside closet doors to hang scarves, belts or ties. Alternative uses include hanging beaded necklaces.

The Seasonal Wardrobe 

We tend to completely change our style of dress as the seasons turn, and this can mean having a closet full of clothes you won’t wear for at least a few months. From big coats to winter boots, they take up a lot of space you could fill with lighter garments during the summer, and vice versa.

Most suggestions for storing out of season clothes revolve around packing them in a suitcase or squashing them into vacuum bags. Neither solution is likely to keep clothing in good condition for long.

A clever alternative is renting a small self storage unit for your wardrobe overflow. Instead of facing a mountain of creased, half ruined clothes every time the seasons change, you can put hanging rails in your storage area and make sure your apparel collection stays pristine.

Launder everything (and make sure it’s all properly dry) before placing things in storage, and use hanging garment covers to preserve their freshness. Give boots and shoes a good clean and polish, and stuff clean tissue (or newspaper) into them to absorb any moisture and help them retain their shape.

Three Nifty and Cheap Space-makers 

If you need more ways to get the most out of wardrobe space, these DIY ideas might help:

  • Buy a length of heavy chain from a hardware shop and hang it from the rail with an ‘S’ hook. You’ll have a vertical clothes rack that you can slot hangers through all down its length.
  • Plastic shower curtain rings make great holders for ties, belts, beads or scarves. Hook a few over a clothes hanger for a bespoke, DIY accessory organiser.
  • Ring pulls that have two holes make good hanger connectors, doubling the space normally taken by one hanger. Hook one end of the ring pull over one hanger, and dangle a second hanger from the second ring pull hole.

No true fashion lover likes getting rid of good clothes. Sometimes we buy stuff with the intention of only wearing it a few times, but other items we either fall in love with or spend more on. It’s hard to part with those just to make space. Finding ways to store and display clothes makes choosing outfits easier, and also means we can keep hold of favourite clothes for longer.