Six Pieces Of Clothing That Will Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to building a wardrobe, whether it’s for comfort or style, there are a few things that every person should have in their closet. These are pieces that can work with your general wardrobe, but make it easier to look good and feel good.


None of these pieces will break the bank, but they will all make your life a little easier. You’ll learn why as you learn what small tidbits you need in order to have a well rounded closet of clothing.

A Pair Of Leggings

Every woman needs a pair of leggings. They can come in handy on numerous occasions. They not only work great with oversized sweaters and shorter dresses during the winter, but they can also keep your legs warm under skirts and even shorts on a chilly spring or autumn evening.

A Pair Of Flats

A good pair of flats can make the difference in your life if you are on the go a lot, but you need to look good doing it. Not all ladies can wear heels, even though they make a great addition to any wardrobe as well, but a good pair of flats can take the place of heels at any time.

A Little Black Dress, Or At Least A Skirt

You’ve probably heard the importance of a little black dress numerous times. It probably stems from the fact that it is believed that black is slenderizing, although that’s pretty much a myth. However, everyone looks good in black. If dresses aren’t your thing, opt for a nice black skirt. Pencil skirts are more slenderizing.

A Pair Of Heels

Whether you wear heels on a regular basis or not, having a good pair on hand can be a blessing. They are perfect for any formal occasion, even if it’s just a bar night where you dress up like it’s the 80s prom.

Some Tennis Shoes

Even if you don’t play sports, and even if you don’t workout, you should still have a good pair of walking shoes. You never know when you’re going to be on your feet for a while, and walking to a destination that is a few blocks, or miles, away can be painful in heels.

A Black Tank Top

Make sure you have a black tank, and maybe even a white one, in your wardrobe. They work perfect for layering, and for wearing under any cute sheer tops you get your hands on. They can add a sexy look, or they can help you stay cool when it’s hot out.

Once you integrate these six items in with the rest of your wardrobe you’re sure to have a versatile closet full of clothes that’s ready to get you through anything.