Need more space? Design ideas for a garage conversion that suits the whole family

Garages often become the forgotten room in a house. Across the whole of the UK, only 10% of garages are actually used for housing cars. The majority are responsible for storing the piles of junk that are amassed by families over the decades.

If this sounds familiar to you, then converting your garage into a useful living area could be the perfect solution to a lack of family space. Sell the valuable objects in your garage at a car boot sale and throw away anything that you don’t need to keep. You’re now ready to start planning your garage conversion! You can choose from a range of garage types online, a popular choice these days are Affordable Portable Garages which are perfect if you are on the move regularly!

Just remember that if you are going to convert your garage, then working with a local garage builder in your area is almost always for the best. Above all, hiring a garage builder who has worked on similar conversion projects in your area ensures that you will get the results that you want.

For example, if your home is based in Denver, in Colorado, then researching a reputable team of professional contractors like Custom Garage Co is a good place to start. Above all, comparing a few different garage specialists in your area can help you to find a contractor that is up to the job at hand.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you might need a new roof for your garage conversion, or at the very least, you will need roof insulation. Many roof merchants in Leeds, and in many other areas, will be able to help you with this.

However, the next question is what kind of space you should turn your garage into. Many garages are long and narrow, which can be a slightly awkward shape to deal with when you are trying to turn your garage into a useful living space. But not to worry! We’re here to give you some interesting food for thought!

  1. Stud walls

Many people chose to use a stud wall to break their long and narrow garage into two shorter and squarer rooms. These rooms could be used as a bedroom and an ensuite or as a bedroom and a room for storage space.

  1. Home offices

A garage conversion creates a sequestered space that can be perfect for a home office. It will also allow for a self-contained entrance for work-related visitors.

  1. Games rooms

This is a great idea as it gives the kids a large space to play in away from the main parts of the house that you want to keep tidy! If you decide to keep the room partially open to an adjacent kitchen, you can supervise younger children while carrying out day-to-day jobs. Of course, it’s important to fill this space with fun games too! Many games tables now incorporate table tennis, foosball and air-hockey, leaving more space for furniture and movement! You could also include a video game set up as well. It’s important to make sure you invest in equipment that will last such as a good console, TV screen and HDMI cable from this site to connect the two.

  1. Kitchen-diner

If your garage adjoins your kitchen, you could knock out the wall and create a large kitchen-diner. Not only will this create more space for meal times, it will solve the problems that the addition of a long and narrow room creates.

  1. Recreation

If you feel like you already have all the conventional family rooms you require, you could use the space to have some fun! Add a gym, a home cinema or a dance studio to your house. This could also save you money in the long run, as you will no longer need to buy a gym membership or cinema tickets!