How To Adopt A More Natural Look For Summer

Summer definitely isn’t a time for caked on makeup. It’s a time for sunshine, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors. It’s a time for camping too, and who wants to spend an hour doing their makeup in the middle of the woods?

Summertime is the time when even those women that prefer to wear makeup on a daily basis, even when they aren’t leaving the house, can get away with wearing less (and sometimes none). Here are a few things to consider when it comes to your summer look, from makeup to your footwear.

Go Lighter

Go lighter on everything you wear. Skip socks and wear sandals, skip the foundation and just put on sunscreen as your makeup base, wear a sundress instead of jeans, and wear bronzer instead of blush. Bronzer is great since it can give a sunkissed look to anyone, even those that avoid the sun during the summer.  

Lighten up on your eye makeup routine as well. Smokey eyes shouldn’t be your summer look. Also, try to skip the black eyeliner and mascara until fall returns. Try some blue or green and get a mermaid look going (have fun with summer colors, you may discover a new favorite look).

Change Colors

There are other colors you will want to change as well. Try lighter shades of eyeshadow, like pinks and peaches. Skip dark lipsticks and go for sheer gloss looks (glossy lips are a summer must).

Change the colors of your clothing as well. Summer is a time for bright fun colors and pretty pastels. Even if you normally wear dark colors, try out some lighter, more summery fashions. They are likely to help your enjoy summer more (you’d be surprised at how your wardrobe can really affect your mood).

Wear Summer Fashions

Wardrobe color isn’t all that matters when it comes to summer fashions. You want lighter, more comfortable fabrics. Shop for natural fabrics, like cotton and bamboo. Synthetics will just make you even hotter and often itchy.

Shorter skirts are in now, pick ones that flow. You can still wear your long skirts too but pick lighter materials and colors. Put your pants away in exchange for some capris and short (there are so many fun styles of shorts, even people that hate them will be able to find something they like). Stay cool with tanks and camisoles too!

Don’t let your makeup and clothing make you feel stuffy and reserved all summer. Get out of your comfort zone and try something fresh and new for this fresh and new time of the year! You will feel cooler, in more ways than one; from less makeup to sweat off your face to less fabric making you feel sweaty and gross.