Going All Out with the Most Extravagant Christmas Gifts

The gift-giving ritual can put the best of us in a serious bind, trying to figure out just what to get your significant other or your beloved mum. I mean you don’t want to fall a single inch short of getting your mum anything less than something that truly demonstrates your appreciation for everything they’ve done for you, in the same way that you want to show your full appreciation for that special someone in your life.


Now just imagine how A-listers feel about this whole situation — I mean just imagine trying to buy a gift for someone who literally has everything money can buy. The beauty basket goodies you might want to pick up on the way home just won’t cut it — they get the best of such items for free at a lot of the awards and other events they attend.

From shiny objects to jets, we’ve witnessed some of the most extravagant gifts for celebrities over time, some of which we’ll explore with Daniel Footwear’s spotlight focus on the most luxurious and lavish of these.

North West’s Personalised Gift to Mum, Kim Kardashian

Yes, so we’ve already been upstaged by a three-year-old, but then again it’s all on her — she’s the one who’ll have to scramble to keep this up her whole life. North West does know how to gift rather expensively though, getting a £16,000 Hermes Birkin bag for mum, Kim Kardasian on her 34th birthday.

The one-of-a-kind bag has been customised by North herself, featuring an orange hand-print that’s accompanied by an explosion of colour. But it doesn’t end there — the gift came with a video depicting the little artist at it.

Jennifer Hudson’s Show-of-Ultimate-Appreciation Gift to Her Assistant

You probably don’t even like your boss much, which is why you’d be jealous of Walter Williams, Jennifer Hudson’s assistant who received a house from his boss! A house…

Mariah Carey to Her Nearest and Dearest

If your name is Mariah Carey, socks can never be the unimpressively underwhelming gift they’re otherwise known to be. Diamond-encrusted stockings to the tune of £15,000 per pair went around to all of the songstress’ female friends and family.

Lionel Richie Treating Himself – Why Not?

Gift-giving conspiracy theorists may make a bit too much of the number seven involved in this gift-giving / gift-receiving ritual carried out by none other than Mr Lionel Richie. Seven luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles were delivered to the singer, from himself, one for each day of the week, of course. You can only imagine why the car salesman was justifiably sceptical of this request.

Celebrity Couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Gift(s) to Their Daughter

If Suri Cruise’s first pad is anything to go by, she can expect a long life of extreme luxury and extravagance ahead of her. Her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent all of £15,000 to have a Victorian style playhouse built for their little princess, with the mini-mansion featuring electricity and running water, amongst many other insane amenities. Cherry on top: a £6,000 mini-Merc to go with the playhouse!