Do You Have A Fashion And Beauty Addiction? Here’s How To Find Out

If you feel like you were born to shop, maybe shopping is going to be a problem for you. Addictions aren’t just tied to drugs and alcohol, people can be addicted to belongings (and become hoarders) and they can be addicted to things like shopping and eating.For the majority, shopping isn’t really a problem. However, when things get out of hand it can become a problem.

What defines “out of hand” when it comes to shopping? Well, keep reading and you may be able to determine if you or someone you know has an addiction to shopping for beauty and fashion products (although it may not stop with just those items).

How Many Items Of Clothing Are In Your Closet?

A closet full of clothing isn’t a sign that you have a problem. Even having a closet and a dresser full doesn’t really mean that there is anything wrong. However, if you have so many articles of clothing that you can’t find enough room in your home for them then you might have an issue.

Another sign that you may have a shopping or clothing addiction is when you have multiple items of the same piece of clothing. It could be because you bought it once and misplaced it, although sometimes buying a couple of the same shirts can be considered thrifty. If you have a lot of clothing that still has the store tags on months after you bought them it’s a definite sign of a problem.

How Much Makeup Do You Really Need?

Many women have enough makeup for each mood and each special outfit they wear. You might have makeup for work and different stuff you wear for a night out on the town. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem starts when you have more makeup than you’ll use in a year’s time. Makeup isn’t meant to last forever and even though some stuff will stay good for years you really don’t need to stock up on a decade worth of makeup at any one time. Try buying items only when you’re running low or if you want to try something new. And make sure to toss old makeup in a timely manner, and clean your brushes, so bacteria isn’t growing in them!

How To Cut Back On Your Shopping/Spending

Normally people with a shopping addiction have money issues and a good deal of debt, or at least a bunch of maxed credit cards. It’s wanting to fix your credit or have credit available isn’t enough to motivate you to get help, here are a few things you can do to cut back on spending and cut back on the stuff you already have.

Don’t carry credit cards to the store with you and quit shopping online. If you can’t find time to go get an item locally then maybe you don’t really need it. To weed out your closet, turn your hangers all backward until you wear them, then hang them back up normally. After six months donate the clothes still on backward facing hangers!