5 Ways to Revamp Your Old Wardrobe

It’s not every day that you can go out and grab the trending looks sported by Hollywood stars and local celebrities. Sometimes, you have to make do with what you currently have or look at the sea of clothing options while taking care not to commit a fashion faux pas that’s “so last year.”

Trust me, you certainly tried looking cool and modest sporting your own fashion style, you might even have tweaked a bit of your clothes to look the part of an overnight fashion-diva. But as it turns out, not every yank and cut of your dress can look fashionable.

Below is a curated list of 2015 Fashion Trends, and what you can do with your current wardrobe to achieve that look.


1) Fringe

It’s easy to achieve this Bohemian look by taking your old tops, vests, and skirts and running your scissors lengthwise to produce dangling strips. Fringe dresses are perfect for casual dating, club night out, or just the sheer fun of cutting away at your old clothes! (Just kidding.)

2) Shirtdresses

Makes you think twice about throwing away your oversized shirts your relatives gave you as gifts, doesn’t it? Cuff your sleeves a bit, throw in a simple belt, and wear simple leggings or a pair of shorts. This makes for an excellent attire for dates with your friends or even casual parties.

3) Flared Jeans

Surprisingly, these are back in style, but only when you use them correctly. Bring out those old jeans your mom gave you as a hand-me-down but never wore, and pair it up with high heels or chic wedges. Easy-peasy customization to boost your vintage-chic look while making your legs look elongated. Double the awesome in one strike.


4) Chunky Knits and Turtle Necks

Those Christmas sweaters that don’t suit you can be revamped into something that can be strangely appealing. Just in time for the Fall and Winter season. If allowed, you can cut up the sleeves so it turns into a sort-of sweater vest that you can wear with a long coat, or you can leave the sweater as is and style it with a black leather skirt, leggings, and boots.

5) Jogger Pants

This is one fashion trend that created such a global stir that well-known brands frantically created jogger pants for customers to buy. They are closed to the bottom with garters to create a contemporary look that’s fit for most combination outfits.

Not a fan of customizing your old clothing to follow the fashion? Not all of us are blessed with patience and steady hands for sawing old clothes anyway.

Now that you know how to update your looks, the next question is where to get dead-on clothing styles for your new look. Not to worry, clothing by Rag & Bone has all you need from modern upbeat look to innovatively classic tailoring with an edgy yet understated New York aesthetic. Check them out today!

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