5 unique summer wedding theme ideas you’ll fall in love with

If you have decided to get hitched this summer, it’s not hard to see probable reasons why. The weather is consistently warm, while the opportunities for getting time off work are plentiful. However, you shouldn’t settle on “summer” as a sufficiently specific theme for your nuptials.

For that reason, you ought to think carefully about the range of wedding themes that the summer can make possible or simply more effective. You could become besotted with these ideas…


Many of us know the importance of relieving our adverse impact on the planet, so why not extend your green efforts to your wedding, too? In fact, eco-friendly weddings are a growing market, says the Wedding Ideas site – but remember to source the food, decor and wedding gifts carefully.

The food can use locally sourced ingredients to help reduce the event’s carbon footprint, while the decor can be second-hand and the gifts could include bamboo bowls and recycled glassware.


If you love Morocco, keep in mind that you don’t have to travel to this northern African country to copy elements of its style. Harper’s Bazaar hails Moroccan culture for not shying away from colour – and you can certainly embrace colour by following the site’s advice.

This advice includes capping off rich orange hues and fuchsia shades with metallic touches. Even adding natural blues and greens can result in an adventurous-feeling, but still harmonious, mix.

Coastal California

Take inspiration from California for your wedding, and you could feel like you have – ahem – struck gold. However, you shouldn’t be in a rush – a gold one or otherwise – to mix hues reminiscent of this US state’s coastline. After all, you want to do a skilful job here!

Fortunately, you actually can – such as though using grasses and organic ceramics to complement reds, oranges and yellows. Sourcing silk linen for the tables can also enhance the Californian effect.


Interested in giving your wedding a somewhat futuristic look? Incorporating a variety of metallic elements is the way to go, though you might wonder how the cake could fit in with the theme.

Well, relax – because, according to You & Your Wedding, searches for cakes with metallic decorations have increased by 476% on the image-sharing social site Pinterest. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to look far for inspiration from people satisfying demand for cakes decorated in this fashion.


Of course, summer is one of the best times of year to get outside and embrace the organic sunshine and warmth. Doing so can be even more fun if you play a sport like cricket at the same time.

For people wanting a cricket-themed day, wedding venues in Co Durham include Chester-le-Street Cricket Club. You could hire the club’s primary wedding suite, the Castle View Suite, for views of not only a picturesque cricket ground but also the town’s stunning Lumley Castle.

Phoning the venue on 0191 3883684 can lead you to give cricket-loving friends and family especially exciting experiences on your big day.