4 Habits of Gym Rats

So you want to get in shape, but you’re unsure about what exactly that entails. People who frequent the gym, with that signature chiseled physique, all tend to share the same habits.


Known as “gym rats,” these are the people that wake up early, own gadgets like heart rate monitors and Fitbits, and make fitness a priority. If gym rats skip a day of working out, you better believe they’re back at it the next day.

Take note of these common habits of exercise addicts, and see if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a gym rat.

Take Selfies

One of the signature qualities of gym rats are their infamous workout selfies. If you’re at the gym breaking a sweat, make sure you’ve got your phone handy. Because if you didn’t take a photo of yourself working out, then it didn’t happen.

When taking a gym selfie, flex your muscles and look intensely into the camera. Make sure you showcase whatever part of your physique you’ve been working on that day and post it to social media. Within the caption of the photo insert a description of that day’s workout. Such as “Leg Day” or, “Arms and Shoulders Day.”

Alternatively, if you have an inspirational quote that relates to working hard or never giving up, you can insert that into the caption instead.

Wear Spandex

Without wearing skin hugging material, you risk not being acknowledged as one of the most attractive people in the room. When working out, ensure everyone knows that you are a true gym rat by wearing spandex shorts or pants that exhibit all of your hard work.

In addition to spandex, wear sleeveless shirts if you’re a male, and a crop top or sports bra if you are a female. For extra points, make sure it’s a name brand such as Nike or Lululemon.


Muscles and tan skin go hand in hand. Because of bodybuilding culture, where it’s standard to be extremely bronzed in competitions, gym rats are known for using lots of tanning products in addition to frequenting the tanning salon.

So before you hit the gym next time, lather some tanning cream on you, and walk in ready to work out looking competition-ready.

Make Friends With Your Blender

If you don’t own a blender, it’s time to get in your car and go buy one. A true gym rat will use a whole host of different supplements and protein powders (you can find more here) and one of the easiest ways of consuming these is by mixing them into things with a blender. From smoothies to protein shakes, gym rats are famous for making blended meal replacements.

If you really want to upgrade your gym rat status, invest in a serious blender like a Vitamix. It costs a pretty penny, but it surpasses the basic capabilities of a normal blender by a landslide.

Eat “Clean”

Maintaining a healthy diet along with workout is necessary for your wellbeing. This is as important as consistency in your workout. Dieticians’ advice for gym enthusiasts is to try and follow certain food plan(s) during workout sessions. For example- bananas, oats and whole grain bread are good to consume before workout. For more info you could checkout blog pages (for example: https://www.1rawplant.com/the-best-foods-to-eat-before-workouts/) that talk about foods to eat during workout session.

Eating a balanced diet of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein isn’t enough anymore. These products must be totally free of any additives, extra sauces, or anything that isn’t derivative of its natural source, known as “eating clean.”

Make sure to take photos of your clean meals, and post to your social media account using the hashtags #eatclean, #cleaneating, or #eatclean4life.