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Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette Review

This year, Stila celebrates their 20th anniversary.  20 Years of providing the beauty-obsessed with fantastical makeup items ranging from foundations, to lippies, to makeup brushes.  And let me tell ya: Stila really hit the ball out of the park with this eyeshadow palette!  I was sent this palette a few weeks ago and upon looking at the shades, it was love at first sight.  The new ‘Eyes Are The Window’ eyeshadow palettes are inspired by the spiritual notion that true beauty is revealed from within.  Each palette contains 12 eyeshadow pans that enable you to create and endless amount of different eye looks.

The packaging is…breathtaking – the glam & gilded encasing fills my heart with rainbows and makes me want to run down the street throwing glitter in the air.  Rose gold… *swoon*

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette Review

The Spirit palette contains an array of 12 of Stila’s most iconic shades:  Kitten = tick!  Jezebel = tick!  Pigalle = tick!  Pewter = tick!

Stila is known to make super pigmented, buttery velvet textured shadows – and the eyeshadows in this palette are no exception.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette Review

The 12 shades in the Spirit palette are all natural colours – these include nudes, greys, browns, with pops of colour too (a peach- and a muted burgundy shade).  I would say the palette is the perfect mix of both cool- and warm-toned shades.  The palette contains 2 matte shades – Chinois, a matte cream-toned shade and Puppy (love the name!), a matte warm-toned brown shade.  Puppy reminds me of MAC Soft Brown, which we don’t have here in South Africa.  The other 10 shades are a mix of frosty and shimmery shades, with various intensities of frost & shimmer.  All of the eyeshadows in this palette are incredibly soft and buttery (I had a bit of fall-out with Chinois, but not to the point where it was an issue for me).  I find them to be easy to apply (with a dense eyeshadow brush) and easy to blend as well.  Jezebel reminds me of MAC Expensive Pink when applied to the eyelid, it’s a beautiful peachy shade with gold shimmers.

The swatches you see below (in the same order as situated in the palette) are just one swipe of the finger on the eyeshadows – THAT’S how pigmented they are!

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette Swatches

Each palette comes with a look book (that contains 3 eyeshadow looks) curated by Sarah Lucero (Stila’s Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry).  Take a look below:

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette Review

If there is one palette I suggest you get your hands on, this would be it.  There are 3 other limited edition palettes that form part of the ‘Eyes Are The Window’ collection but looking at the shades contained in the Spirit palette, this is definitely the one I would have picked if I were to purchase one of the limited edition palettes.  You have 1 matte browbone shade, 1 matte crease shade and all the other shades are there for you to play around with on the lid and in the crease.  Some shades are super shimmery (Kitten & Oases) and others have hints of subtle shimmers (Pigalle & Espresso).

The Stila Eyes Are The Window palettes retail for R 495,00 at selected Woolworths & Truworths stores – that means you are paying just over R 40,00 per eyeshadow.  I don’t know about you, but that is amazing value for money in my book – especially when the quality is this great!

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