Putting Your Fall/Winter Face On With These Easy Tips

Transitioning your look throughout the seasons is a must when you aim to stay relevant in the beauty realm.  There are a number of beauty faux pauxs to avoid as the season begin to change.  

Obtaining the perfect look in the blistering cold is easier said than done, and you need a certain set of skills to champion the winter months.  Take a moment to read over a few helpful hints that will get you well on your way to your fall/winter beauty goals.  

The do’s of fall/winter makeup

Take a piece from our book when choosing what to include in your daily facial routine.  Here are a few of the definite do’s of fall/winter makeup design.  

Cold weather cheeks – A subtle blush is always a go in makeup design, but old man winter requires a brighter touch.  Add a little extra blush to make your cheeks rosy just as they would be during the chill of a winter’s day.  

Interrupt that eyeliner – When you carry your black eyeliner all the way around your eye, it has a minimizing effect.  Put a half-inch break in the liner, and watch your eyes suddenly become more visible and glowing.  

Neutral tones all over – Fall and winter bring about a totally different color palate in nature.  We rework the interior design of our homes to match the seasons, and your makeup should also be augmented to match.  

Neutral color tones are always a safe bet.  Even your lipstick can go brown.  Deep fall tones look just as gorgeous on your face as they do on the ground.  

The don’ts of fall/winter makeup

Avoid these fall/winter faux pauxs, and look your best for the season.  

Nail color don’ts – As pretty as all the bright neon colors look on your fingernails, they are out for fall and winter.  DO try painting your nails different shades of grey.  Save the rainbow nails for summer at the beach.

Get rid of the bronzer – As your summer tan fades away, so should the tone of your face.  A dark face with a pale body is not something to be desired.  Embrace the pale skin and work in colors that compliment it.  Rosy cheeks are endearing and bring warmth.  Embrace the pink blush.

Avoid purple and blue liners – Though blue and purple liners scream high fashion, they do not have a place in the fall/winter look.  If you absolutely have to have a splash of color, check out the look of gold.  

The same applies for eyeshadow – Your eyeshadow should be toned down too.  There is no room for rainbow eyelids in the winter.  Get colorful in the summer and spring.