Nail Trends for 2016

Nail trends change so quickly it’s hard to keep up. From fierce stiletto shapes to diamanté studded designs and nude all being big in 2015, it’s difficult to predict what’s going to dominate in 2016. Here’s what’s on the agenda:



The precious stone has been cropping up in catwalk and beauty trends for a few months now so it’s no surprise that we’re about to see it on our fingernails. Pearlescent opal catches the light beautifully and looks super trendy on nails now. Try layering an opal topcoat over a bright colour for a mesmerising shimmer or go for a completely opal polish to really embrace the look.


Yellow shades always make an appearance in spring and with it being quite a difficult colour to wear clothes wise is so easy to wear on your nails. Try mixing it up by either going a lemon shade with some cute white dots or go all out canary and really make a statement. Yellow tends to look great with silver if you like adding a few gems to your nails or even looks great with a gold glitter topcoat.

Almond shape

Trends in nail shape always really make an impact and it looks like the almond is going to be popular in 2016. Square nails are long gone, as are round tipped and pointy tips were great but just too impractical, the almond shape strikes a great balance. Pointy enough to not be boring but round enough to not attract too much attention or nearly poke you’re eyes out. An almond shape doesn’t need to be too long but remember not to cut nails too short before filing as you need enough nail to be able to create the shape.


A matte topcoat is nothing new, but with minimalistic trends dominating home wear and fashion, it’s really creeping into nail design too. Go for pastels in matte shades or layer a matte topcoat over a sparkly polish to really bring the sparkles out of the colour. Matte nude nails look chic and sophisticated and never go out of style so are a safe bet for mid-week nails.

As you can change your nails so frequently being as brave as you want with trends is no issue so why not try something new today. From canary yellow to shimmering opal and cute almond shapes, there’s bound to be the perfect nail trend for you to get involved with this year.