Guys – my love from Oskia has reached a whole new level. After discovering their cleansing gel at Christmas I have already picked up my second bottle, not just that, instead of being able to stick to the single purchase I sneakily added a mask into my online basket. Whoops. I just couldn’t help myself! Something about their floral fragranced, orange textured products that imparts the most wonderful glow to dull or tired out skin. Yes, they aren’t the most budget friendly options, but they do deserve all the love and admiration they receive.

We all know the Renaissance Cleansing Gel is beautiful. It revitalises skin whilst ensuring it is left clear of any grime or makeup thats built up during the day. Pumpkin enzyme clean out those pores whilst Vitamin C and E work away to fortify sensitive skin from external environmental pollutants. Soothing redness whilst keeping blemishes at bay, this is a multipurpose cleanser that just works. I use this for my second cleanse once all makeup has been removed, feeling like I’ve stepped into a spa the scent is uplifting whilst being relaxing. I seriously can’t get enough of this stuff and it’s one of my favourite cleansers I’ve discovered.

Now – the mask. Can I say whoops again? I was only meant to pickup the cleanser I promise but I just couldn’t resist this little pot that promises the same radiant finish to my skin. The Renaissance Mask is a buttery consistency that is similar to some of the popular balm cleansers. Again, this melts onto the skin whilst working away to boost dull complexions. The appearance of imperfects in reduced all whilst alleviating congestion. If that isn’t enough lacic acid is also part of the mix to help regenerate cells. I’ve only used this a couple of times but already I’m hooked, leaving my skin looking visibly clearer it leaves a natural glow that sticks around even under makeup.

Are you a fan of the Oskia brand? What are you favourite products to use?