Looking incredible in no time: the art of effortless styling

We all want to look amazing every day, but sometimes, there’s just not enough time. However, one myth about dressing fashionably is that it takes effort and planning — it doesn’t.

Stop cancelling plans and start feeling good about how you look with our guide to effortless style! Using some key wardrobe staples, you can create a perfectly polished and oh-so stylish outfit with none of the effort…   Continue reading

Our amazing style tips for curvy girls

While it’s true that plus-size fashion may finally be getting the recognition it deserves, many of us with curvier frames are still struggling to find clothing that makes us look and feel good. That’s why we’ve compiled some expert tips to help you up your style game. Continue reading

5 Easy Winter Style Ideas To Steal From Pinterest

When it comes to seasonal dressing, finding the ideal winter look can be tough. Sure, it may seem easy to just throw on a sweater and pair of jeans, but the ultimate goal for this time of year is to wear something both fashion forward and functional (aka something that will keep you warm). Continue reading

Mustard Yellow Is the New Black

May your fall and winter be soft, warm and nice with the most wanted color of the season.

The end of the summer season left you dressed in dark, lifeless clothes? You’re not sure how to brighten your days or your appearance? Don’t despair, for the answer to all of your problems lies in the season’s it color – mustard yellow. Continue reading

Look Fab & Yet Save Money From Online Shopping

Shopping is an excellent stress buster for women and necessity of men. However with changing times and men becoming more fashion conscious, shopping has become their favourite too. Shopping encounters that were earlier limited to market visits have now become common and frequent due to the online shopping portals offering everything at the click of a button. Continue reading

Winter is No Excuse NOT to Look Fab

It’s perhaps getting a lot better as the ages roll by, but it most certainly still is quite an issue, that being how we tend to use the colder winter months as an excuse not to dress up and look fabulous. I mean sure, comfort perhaps comes first during winter, alongside your health — you don’t want to suffer the effects of hypothermia in the name of looking good, but that’s just it; dressing up warmly and comfortably to combat the biting winter chill does not mean you have to look like a slob. Continue reading