5 reasons to opt for natural skincare products

We are all aware that regardless of skin type experts say natural skincare is the best for our skin, but why exactly is this the case? We have compiled a list of benefits for natural skincare products such as those found at Nature Mary, that will help you to make an informed decision about what exactly you use on your skin. Continue reading

Winter Make-up to Keep You Looking Your Best

Winters can make it harder for you to look your best and the make-up essentials for winters vary greatly from summers. You can’t possibly be caught using the same moisturizer throughout the year, or wait, can you? As confusing as it may sound, winter make-up isn’t all that difficult once you have some essential tricks in your bag to keep you looking gorgeous. Continue reading

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Quite literally, where would you be without your feet?


Well it’s hard to label any part of the body as being “less or more important” than another one, but our feet do indeed play a very important role in a lot of our bodily functions beyond the most obvious function of walking. Because of their unique position in support of essentially the entire body, our feet’s unique functionality requires some unique care and unfortunately the feet are indeed often neglected as an area to target for good health. The health of our feet remains vitally important however, even though they are indeed evolved to be quite resilient. Taking good care of the health of your feet could even put you in line for some other health benefits you may not have even associated with your feet. Continue reading

Nail Trends for 2016

Nail trends change so quickly it’s hard to keep up. From fierce stiletto shapes to diamanté studded designs and nude all being big in 2015, it’s difficult to predict what’s going to dominate in 2016. Here’s what’s on the agenda: Continue reading


white blazer

white blazer and jeans

white outit hello fahsion

white and distressed denim hello fashion


I am a firm believer that a lot of times less is more when it comes to fashion. Minimalism is the ticket to pulling this look off. Here are a 3 easy ways to hit that perfect, basic minimal look:

1.) Start with crisp, clean whites or a classic white & nude or black & white color combo for a quintessential minimalist look.

2.) By simplifying all other features in a minimalist look, the structure and cut of a piece becomes the focal point of a look. The biggest key to putting together a successful minimalist look is sharp lines – it makes the minimalism look intentional instead of accidental. I love the cut and lapel of this white blazer – the structure and crisp white look is understated but elegant. Also loving this long sleeveless vest for spring and summer.

3.) Just because accessories are your thing, don’t count yourself out of the minimalist game! Simple accessories like adainty thin bracelet, stackable rings (love this set!), or other understated jewelry puts the finishing touches on any minimalist look.

BIG NEWS: Nordstrom half yearly sale just started today!! You know Nordstrom is my like one in all store so I am excited to hit up the deals (UP TO 40% OFF!). Below are a few of my favorites – I will share more this week. This sweater I wore in a couple posts ago is 40% off. I’m dying over these shoes and I just added this and this to my shopping bag.

Natural Looking Makeup!


Many summer looks might be packed with bright and crazy colors but there is something to be said for the minimalist. Whether it’s a picnic at the park or a romantic date night, the naked look is the perfect match for the hot summer ahead. This look is soft, sensual, natural, and easy to pull off with the right tools. Follow these steps and go naked tonight! Continue reading