Is Diet Coke Bad For You? What About Artificial Sweeteners?

There’s one question we get asked probably more than any other:

“Is Diet Coke bad for you?”

The second most popular question: “What actually happened at the end of ‘Interstellar’??” has yet to be answered.

Back to Diet Coke. I get why this has caused so much confusion and debate. We all know sugar is worse for us than Darth Vader, so Diet Coke, with NO sugar, has to be better for us. However, we’ve also been told Diet Coke is packed full of chemicals like aspartame that do all sorts of awful stuff…which would then make Diet Coke worse for us than Jar Jar Binks, right? Continue reading

Buy Now or Regret Later

Having a sister is so great for many different reasons and one in particular I can recall really taking advantage of all the way back to my teens. Natalya and I would scrimp and save to split the cost of one item that we would have decided upon months before. A part from the off argument here or there over who’s turn it was to wear it, it seemed to be a pretty good deal. Continue reading

Demi Lovato Sports Saint Laurent Sandals in NYC

Here’s Demi Lovato, working the press circuit in NYC in a pair of white Saint Laurent Bianca Sandals. Demi’s exact sandals are currently on sale (!!!) for $661 (down from $945) at Bergdorf Goodman. Demi is also carrying a black, textured calfskin leather Saint Laurent Small Sac de Jour Bag, which can be had for $2,890 at Net-A-Porter. Continue reading

It’s time for a new wardrobe.. but I’m broke!?

Have you ever looked at your closet chock-full of clothes and thought, ‘I don’t have anything to wear!?’ If that has happened more than once, then it’s time for you to revamp your wardrobe. Unfortunately, buying new clothes can cost you more than a pretty penny, but you can give your wardrobe a much-needed makeover by splitting seams and cutting jeans without breaking your bank account. Continue reading

Stepping Into Spring

Spring has officially sprung! Don’t believe me, ask my allergies. I’m sneezing up a storm over here! But with the small negatives come tons of positives- warm weather, longer days, shorter skirts… and fun floral shoes!! Between sneezes I rounded up some of my all time favorite shoes that remind me of my favorite time of year. Hope you like them! Continue reading