Are You Walking Enough?

Between the mandatory trips to work, the defeated walks up a flight of stairs on the back the knowledge that the elevator is out of order, and having the ability to order anything and have it delivered to your door, the short answer is probably “NO!” You’re probably not walking enough. I personally realised just how far behind I probably am on the 115,000 miles we’re recommended to cover by the time we reach the end of our lives, which can be broken down into a mere 10,000 steps per day. Justifiably, we all probably have a million and one reasons for not hitting our daily recommended feet-exercising quota, but any thoughts thereof naturally spark a deeper look into the overall health of your feet. Continue reading

Home Workout Essentials for Limited Spaces

The dawn of summer just has this way of compelling us to want to clear the clutter in just about every area of our lives, from cleaning up the garage to lightening up our living spaces by making it that much lighter. You might even feel compelled to lighten up the load on your body as well by resolving to get rid of all the excess fat built-up over winter so that you can enjoy a leaner summer body. Summer tends to permeate every single corner of our lives and if you have limited interior space to work with, there are a few home gym essentials which will make sure your zest for getting into shape remains intact as a result of not having to dread making a long trip to the gym or having to unpack and pack some big and bulky equipment after every gym session. Continue reading

Unleash Your Beach Body and Win a Trip to Ibiza

Looking and feeling good is about more than just throwing on a cute outfit you took hours shopping for and picking out, for whatever the occasion. Clothes that fit right look even better on a body that appears as if it has been put through its paces quite rigorously in the gym, whether you’re a guy or girl. If you already have something close to a beach body any fitness junkie would be proud of, summer should undoubtedly have you just itching to show it off. Otherwise if winter has weighed you down a bit too much and you’ve not yet even started working on your summer beach body, all’s not lost and you actually have double incentive to unleash your beach body. You can win a VIP trip to Spain’s Ibiza Island by just resolving to commit to a workout and nutrition plan by MaxiNutrition, which will fast-track your beach body worthiness. Continue reading

Brantano’s GOING GREEN Campaign – A Cancer Initiative worth Supporting

When we go about our daily lives and come across representatives of various charitable organisations, we tend to demonise some of them as a result of some rather negative developments around scandals in which donated monies hardly reach the originally intended recipients, if they ever reach them at all. Having to endure even a short two-minute presentation from someone whom you essentially just see as “wanting some more money from you and many others” often has us losing the essence of charity, sometimes rightfully so because of all the scams doing the rounds. There are even some times when you do donate whatever little small change you claim is all you can manage, just so that you don’t have to endure another second of being solicited, possibly conned or emotionally blackmailed in the process. Continue reading

Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Quite literally, where would you be without your feet?


Well it’s hard to label any part of the body as being “less or more important” than another one, but our feet do indeed play a very important role in a lot of our bodily functions beyond the most obvious function of walking. Because of their unique position in support of essentially the entire body, our feet’s unique functionality requires some unique care and unfortunately the feet are indeed often neglected as an area to target for good health. The health of our feet remains vitally important however, even though they are indeed evolved to be quite resilient. Taking good care of the health of your feet could even put you in line for some other health benefits you may not have even associated with your feet. Continue reading

5 Situations Where Meditation Can Help You Out

Life is stressful, no matter who you are or what you do. But, what separates successful people from the ones going bonkers, more often than not, is how mindful they choose to be about their situations. People who learn various techniques of mindfulness, often associated with meditation, are always going to give themselves a lift in terms of attitude when they need it the most.

Continue reading